May 01, 2011

Jalandhar Citizens Deeply Regret Assasination of Col Gaddafi 's Son And Grandsons

The bombing and assassination of Col Gaddafi 's son and grand children has deeply upset Jalandhar citizens .  They want the West to exercise restraint and not to profess double standards.

On the one hand , children of Col. Gaddafi are being assassinated in cold blood . While  on the  other , marriage of grandson  of the Head of British Royalty is being hyped as if the days of Empire and colonies are still there . Thery have no qualms about wearing  Crown which has precious stones ( like Koh-i- Noor ) forcibly carted away from one time British colonies .

  It seems that the West has learnt nothing from its recent blunders , especially in Iraq. The elimination of Saddam Hussein and his children was very untactful . It lead to a vacuum which only helped the terrorists and anarchists to fill up .

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