May 22, 2011

Red Beacon on Car -Jalandhar Citizens Hail Mamta Banerjee 's Move

Jalandhar citizens have expressed great appreciation and even gratitude at Mamta Banerjee's move to do away with a red beacon and siren of her official CM car . This is the victory of the " Aam "  Indian and a big step forward towards doing away with culture of VIP ism which is the bane of present day India.

All politicians and officials should voluntarily remove the Beacons and sirens from their vehicles . Shrieking sirens scare common motorists and are a major traffic hazard. The days of the kings and Jagirdars are long over. Let us not create a new class of Post 1947 " Jagirdars " .


India For Aam Indians - God Bless Anna Hazare

Britishers may have departed in 1947 but it seems , Indians would get true freedom in 2011.

Elections do not mean democratically elected dictators . There is no meaning of independence for Aam Indians if the so called " elected representatives " continue with a mind set of colonial " Mai Baap Sarkars".

Shrieking Red Lights on official cars terrorizing common Non VIP Indians on roads are indicative of a " collective  " mind set which has not  given up the Colonial or Feudal ( Jagirdari ) class ( The Twice Born )  of  " privileged " Versus the Non - Privileged., of the VIPs Versus Non VIP Indians.

In free India there are neither VIP Indians nor Non - VIP Indians but only INDIANS.

Corruption has been destroying India . It is because of it that India lags behind China in growth . Powers that are should be facilitators rather than speed beakers . Our leaders and public servants should feel proud to identify with common fellow Indians and should not hanker after VIP - category status .


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