May 14, 2011

Rs. 5 + Petrol Hike - Punjabis Demand Haryana Petrol Rate

Petrol consumers in Jalandhar and rest of Punjab are opposed to any hike in Petrol prices ( Rs. 5 + from 14-05-11 midnight ).

Petrol consumers in Punjab point out that already petrol in Punjab is nearly Rs. 7 costlier than in neighboring Haryana . It is substantially cheaper in Himachal Pradesh and Chandigarh also .

State duties in Punjab should be reduced instead of raising the petrol price.

Cross subsidies should be stopped and relief should given to Urban Punjabis who have been recently hit hard by Electricity Rate Hike.


Neha said...

There is no Unity among our people. If all India goes strike, strike means not a single 4 wheel or 2 wheel should run. But our Indians they are the biggest stupid people, the word "strike" they don't understand but they will come out from their house, they don't know how to walk, but take the help of going by a 2 wheeler, so the strike goes wasted and government knows if 100 people don't use vehicle but few fools will use to go here n there, there victory is our defeat. To my opinion the government should be paralyzed for a month or two.Everything should be under loss then only they will understand, what we lost, cannot be returned and their loss they will incur from us. So if we blabber this and that, does anyone thinks doing this is a profitable one. THE ANSWER IS NO

swapsshah said...

Steepest hike till date... What can you do???

Politics, global oil prices, etc. are out of common man's reach!!!

But now you can re-estimate your daily-monthly and yearly spend on Petrol @!