June 26, 2011

Bring Down Prices of Petrol in Punjab

Punjab leaders hare demanding lowering of diesel prices. It is the Petrol price in Punjab which needs to be brought down.

Petrol in Punjab is nearly 7 Rupees costlier than in neighbouring Haryana . In Punjab and Haryana it is sources from same refineries.

It is the skewed system of cross subsidies which makes petrol prices the highest in the country.

In one litre of Petrol , the hapless consumer pays nearly Rs. 35 as taxes in one form or he other.

Punjab Government should cut VAT  and other State taxes on Petrol.

Central Government should , also , cut taxes on Petrol.

( For Handicapped Persons , Free petrol should be provided as cars are not a luxury but necessity for them )

Internationally , prices of petrol and diesel are nearly same.

Every segment of society whether forming a Vote Bank or not should be treated equally,


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