June 04, 2011

End Corruption - Make Governance Simple , Transparent And Pro People

Corruption in India stems from the way India has been administered after Independence . It is because of corruption that we lag behind China. If we end corruption in India , we can add nearly two percentage points to our GDP growth,

The elaborate governing structure evolved by the colonial rulers which was inherited was allowed to continue more or less in the same form.. Only the nationality of the administrators changed  The names of Lutyens New Delhi Roads were changed from historically British to historically Indian . But a new set took over the 8 kanal + colonial bungalows of Lodhi Estate etc.  Similarly , old colonial mansions continued with the  Post independent DMs . So much so , that  post independence , the names displayed on Honours Board in the offices of many  Class One officers continued under the Colonial predecessors !!!.

All laws should be reviewed and put to the test whether they are relevant with regard to present day India.. Procedures should be made simple , uncomplicated and transparent.  The powers that are in India should be facilitators and not speed breakers.

To show that the old colonial Anglo Saxon and exploitative rulers really left India in 1947 political leaders and Babus should work for the people and not for each other.  They should take pride in being with " Aam " Indians and not above them . The cult of VIP ism ( as indicated by Red Beacon on official cars ) should end  . There should not be any Vote Bank politics . Let unite India not divide it .

 "Malaidaar " Postings and Departments should be identified and suitably treated.

( Example ; If an Indian wants to start a passenger bus service why should there be prohibitive and multitude barriers like permissions and permits . These only help the existing operators. Why should the traffic police treat on Highways , our hard working  Truck drivers as if they are criminals ?? )


Well said

but to do all this we need a leader who thinks like that and does like that. Which means he should be a statesman and not a politician.

all of us are good at discussing issues and have our own solutions.

Even the so called aam aadmi is corrupt only he has not got a chance. You see it every day on the road and anywhere you go. Anyone will like to get away by paying little bribe and saving more money, time, botheration etc. Similarly I have seen people who talk about honesty forget it when they have a position to make some money. A strict policeman is also bad for some and a corrupt policeman is also bad for some.

I dont think it has anything to with colonialism. The bureaucracy maybe. Even countries like Japan , Italy there is large curruption. It is the mind set of Indians. Business, politicains, bureucrats, police are all involved. laws definitely need to be changed. But there are enough laws to deal with corrupt but the problem is implementation.

The country has to teach right values to its people. We can all make suggestions but till such time there are many people at helm of affairs who care, things can not chnage.

The Annas and Ramdev have highlighted an issue let us see where it leads. At least Corruption has become an issue for next election. If congress does not act. They can not come back.

Dr Jashanjot(S-52,1967)
on behalf of ONA
Bringing  Old  Nabhaites  together  "Here and the Whole World Through".  

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In Punjab " Commercial " Electricity category is an insult to the hard work put in by city businessmen. " Commercial " rates should be abolished.