June 01, 2011

Great Siachen Irony - Pakistan Places Chinese Interests Above Kashmir

Jalandhar citizens are discussing one the greatest ironies currently facing Pakistan and India . The recent Siachen talks did not yield results. Pakistan wanted to associate China with the talks.

Pakistan claims that Kashmir is a big emotional issue for Pakistan . Yet , Pakistan has placed China above the interests of Kashmir. Of the Pakistan administered Kashmir ( POK ) Pakistan has illegally ceded a large chunk of Kashmiri territory  its all weather friend China .

Clearly ,Pakistan has different set of ways of dealing with India and china while dealing with Kashmir.Pakistan ditches Kashmir when Chinese interests are involved .

Rather than co-operating with India in reclaiming Kashimiri land from China , Pakistan wants to legalise the Chinese occupation of Kashmiri territory.

India must win Pakistan ' s confidence and trust so that opportunists like china do not exploit the differences and mistrust between Pakistan and India.

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