June 28, 2011

Punjab Rolls Back VAT on Diesel But No Relief For Petrol

Petrol consumers in Jalandhar and else where in Punjab are very dejected .

Punjab Government has been very quick in giving VAT relief on diesel but no cut back has been given on petrol .

Petrol in Punjab is nearly Rs. 7 more expensive than in Haryana although petrol in both Punjab and Haryana is sourced from same refineries.

In Punjab in one litre of petrol nearly Rs. 36 are collected as taxes in one form or the other.

Hundreds of petrol pumps near the border states of Haryana and Himachal Pradesh are facing closure.

Handicapped persons should be given free petrol as car for them is  not luxury but a necessity.

There is an urgent need to de politicise petrol price in Punjab. All should be treated equally and fairly whether they form part of the Vote Bank or not.


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