June 13, 2011

Who is Responsible For Undermining Democracy in India ?

Some Ministers are criticizing 6000 - 7000 people for holding a " Tamasha " and undermining the Democracy in India.

The pertinent question is who is responsible for loss of faith of crores of Indians in the democratic institutions . We must not  be democratic only in name but also in spirit and practice.Why did the common Indian got fed up with mind boggling wastage of tax payers ' money watching live parliamentary proceedings with what unending walk outs and stalling of proceedings  and why did the centre of common Indian faith shift from Parliament House to Raj Ghat. ?

Jalandhar citizens wish that timely lessons be learnt and  governance for the common Indians becomes " My Sarkar " and not " Mai Baap Sarkar  " .

Jai Hind.

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