June 17, 2011

Yet to be Regularised Colonies ' Residents In Jalandhar Demand Electricity Connections

it is very strange that Electricity authorities in Punjab are denying new electricity connections to urban residents on the grounds that their colonies are yet to be regularised . Roti Kapada Makaan are basic needs of every Indian . Regularisation of urban colonies is time consuming and entails many complicated bureaucratic procedures which a common urban Indian may not find easy to fulfill.

Besides , only urban Punjabis need to get their colonies approved .
This is another move discriminatory to urban Punjabis . Electricity is being given free to numerous rural agriculturists some of whom own land worth hundreds of crores. Whereas if an humble urban Punjabi runs a shop , he is charged under a penal category euphemistically called " commercial " electricity connections  This is as if it is a crime for urban Punjabis to earn a livelihood.

( If any handicapped Punjabi starts to earn by running a shop from his House ( he cannot go out ) he would be punished by the electricity authorities on the ground that he does not have " commercial " electricity connection)

This discrimination against urban  Punjabis and  use of electricity as a political tool should end in Punjab..

Electricity supply in Punjab should be de -politicised and kept above "Vote Bank " politics.

Commercial Category should be abolished immediately

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