July 20, 2011

India Should Talk Directly to Pakistan

Jalandhar Thinkers are of the opinion that if India is to emerge a real Power then it should solve all issues with Pakistan bilaterally and keep out the interference of Western Powers .

India should talk directly to Pakistan on all issues including terrorism .If USA is at all to be involved then the talks should be tripartite i.e. Pakistan ,India and USA. Afghanistan issue can best be handled if Pakistan and India join hands.

USA 's mindset towards India and Pakistan is best exemplified by the issue of sale of F16 planes. Twenty years ago when F16 fighter jet was  a great plane, USA refused to sell these to India . But it gave these to Pakistan . Now , when F16 is an old and obsolete story USA wants to sell these to India under the MMRCA project of  IAF. Both Pakistan and India should understand the real motives not let Arabian Sea become the Persian Gulf.

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