August 05, 2011

Jassi Khangura 's Newsletter

August 2011

Message From Jassi
July was a very active month for me in the constituency as my parents were away to London. I was personally able to attend every public office, which usually takes place on a Monday. Overall, I do about 40 of the 52 Mondays in a year, which I feel is a good ratio. For those of you that have not been there we have open surgery from 9am till 2pm where constituents and other visitors can meet me without appointment. From 2.30pm I meet persons who have taken an appointment which are normally scheduled every 10 or 15 minutes for private meetings.

The rainfall in July was sporadic and, I believe, below average. There was little of the incessant rain of old. Sadly even a moderate downpour brought Ludhiana to a halt. The rural link roads which the last government worked so hard on are now largely in tatters. Sukhbir's media ads promise a bright new world but unfortunately that remains just a hollow promise. A wag tells me that much of Sukhbir's developmental agenda is lifted straight from the numerous glossy travel and lifestyle magazines that he, apparently, devours on receipt. I personally recommend that he reads The Economist more often.

Capt. Sahib's meeting with Congress workers for the Shaheed Bhagat Singh Nagar (erstwhile Nawanshahar) district, for which I was appointed as Coordinator, was attended by over 400 Congress workers and was considered to be a success. S. Malkiat Singh Dakha formally assumed the presidency of the Ludhiana Rural Congress District, representing full recognition for this service to the party over many decades.

In the media I challenged Mr Badal Senior for his about turn on the Gidderbha power project, something quite remarkable considering how he gloated in the house last year that he had achieved a tie-up with the NTPC, in spite of the UPA government. Now, hocus pocus, he says that there is no such agreement. Maybe his nephew has absconded with the only known copy!

I also queried why Sukhbir Badal feels that horse and dog racing tracks are a priority for Ludhiana. No one was surprised to learn that the proposed horse racing track in Ludhiana District would have a five star hotel, with the satta market predicting that it would either be a Trident or an Oberoi (the identities of the twin Badal properties in Gurgaon), until someone astutely pointed out that the ruling family had almost tied up a prime site on Ferozepur Road for their third known hotel (The Oberoi, Ludhiana, no less!) which prompted the bookies to call off all bets as they declared that the turf hotel would indeed be a Trident.

With school holidays in much of the Western World there was a steady influx of NRIs, many of whom queried the status of NRI voting. This prompted me to launch a support guide on this issue for NRIs on my website, more about which later in the newsletter.

The political temperature also rose in July with elections getting ever closer. I met several pollsters who are working for a variety of parties and candidates in Punjab; overall they report a huge amount of anti-incumbency and the PPP taking far more votes from the SAD than from Congress. The worried Akalis went into overdrive to entice back their Beas MLA, Kang, and to extract a betrayal from Manpreet Badal's PA Charanjit Singh.

The announcement of the SGPC elections surprised many, some of whom felt that these should take place after the assembly elections. There was also much debate about manipulation of voters rolls. As a Sikh I feel that the SAD control over the SGPC has not been in the best interests of the religion. A modern religion like Sikhism needs a more up to date approach to the management of its institutions, needs better accountability and complete separation of religion from state. Sadly, the SAD and the SGPC have become so intertwined over the past few decades that it is sometimes difficult to establish where politics stops and religion starts. A good starting point would be to make SGPC elections free of party symbols, with all candidates standing as independents.

With the political rhetoric getting sharper I sensed some panic in the Akali ranks for they re-launched an urban regeneration programme (no one quite knows when their last one started or finished) and Sukhbir once again dreamt of a Ludhiana metro (I'm quite certain that he is either hallucinating or grossly out of touch with reality or, more likely, both). This umpteenth announcement on the Ludhiana metro was largely met with the usual yawns, with most people unable to work out quite who would travel on it and why. Some shrewd observers even queried whether this was yet another sophisticated land grab by the powers that be.

The electorate is ever more astute and more educated; they will for certain push for change. Capt. Amarinder Singh is the real hope for Punjab.    Regards

Jassi Launches Online NRI Voter Registration
Jassi has launched an online facility for all NRIs to register their names for the upcoming elections in 2012. You may be eligible to register to vote in India even if you live overseas. You just need to be over the age of 18 and still have an Indian passport. You can then be registered in the constituency where the place of residence is on your passport.
Jassi encourages and request’s all NRIs to register their names in the electoral roll.
Please follow the steps on to register your name in the electoral roll with a step-by-step guideline including a sample form filled out. For any questions, please feel free to contact Taruna Jindal-Kundra in U.K, +44 751 529 8840  or Amandeep Khangura in India, +91 9878 000 104.

Nawanshehar Congress Worker Interaction
A successful meeting in Nawanshehar was conducted on July 15, 2011 at A.S Resorts, Nawanshehar, under the leadership of PPCC President Capt. Amarinder Singh. The meeting was attended by workers from three constituencies, Banga, Bala Chaur and Nawashehar, under the coordination of Jassi. The meeting was attended by over 400 congress workers, leaders and supporters, in which included Block Samiti Members, Councilor’s, Sarpanches, Women Congress leaders/supporters and Youth Congress supporters.
Jassi honored Capt. Amarinder Singh in the presence of MP Ravneet S. Bittu (Anandpur Sahib), General Secretary PPCC Arvind Khanna, Satvir Singh Pali Chiki, Ex-MLA Tarlochan Singh, Ex-MLA Ram Krishan Kataria, Ex-District President Prakash S. Namana, Ex-Chair person Zila Parishad Santosh Kataria.
Capt. Amarinder Singh emphasized and motivated all supporters and leaders to be ready and actively participate in the upcoming assembly elections in 2012. During this meeting Capt. Amrinder Singh met and discussed issues that were brought forward.
Workers met Capt. Amarinder Singh in groups of 10 to 20. The interactions were fair and frank and Capt. Amarinder Singh took note of the issues raised and received many written presentations.
In the Picture Left to Right –Mr. Sujit Bhatia, Mr. Ranjit S. Mangat, MLA Jassi Khangura, Mr. Capt. Amarinder Singh, MP Ravneet Singh Bittu, Mr. Satvir Singh, Mr. Santosh Kataria and Mrs. Gurminder K Babli.

Ex-MLA Malkiat S. Dakha - Zila President of Rural Congress Committee Ludhiana
A massive function at Congress Bhawan Ghanta Ghar Ludhiana took place as Ex-MLA Malkiat Singh Dakha took charge as Zila President of Rural Congress Committee on July 16, 2011. S. Manish Tewari and S. Lal Singh spoke early before leaving for Chandigarh for the Congress State Coordination Committee meeting. Speaker after speaker praised S. Malkiat S. Dakha’s contribution to the party over several decades and extended their full support and cooperation.
The Ludhiana (Rural) Presidency extends over eight assembly constituencies and is amongst the biggest responsibilities in Punjab Congress.
Jassi works closely with S. Malkiat Singh Dakha as they have a long standing relationship and can work for each other in their likely new constituencies of Dakha and Gill respectively.
In the Picture Left to Right – Ex-Chairman. K.K Bawa, MLA Tej Parkash Kotli, MLA Mr. Lal Singh, Ex-MLA Malkiat S. Dakha, MP Manish Tewari, MP Sukhdev S. Libra, MLA Ishar S. Meharban, MLA Jassi Khangura and MLA Gurdeep S. Bhaini

Press Releases
08.07.2011 -Qila Raipur MLA Jassi Khangura today asked CM Punjab to clarify his double stance on the Gidderbha power project. 26.07.2011 – Qila Raipur MLA Jassi Khangura asks, ‘Surely Sukhbir can deliver more critical priorities than horse- and dog-racing?’
26.07.2011 – Qila Raipur MLA Jassi Khangura launches online NRI Voter Registration

Aliwal Mela
A two day historical Mela was celebrated on July 8 and July 9 in the village Aliwal, this mela is held in memory of Peer Aehmad Shah Jlani. Jassi is particularly attached to this mela because Aliwal village is a historical village in Punjab, as it was where the First Sikh War (Battle of Aliwal) took place on January 28, 1846. The First Sikh War was a conflict between the military-registered last sovereign Indian state of Punjab and the British East India Company. The British were led by Sir Harry Smith, while the Sikhs were led by Ranjodh Singh Majithia. Ultimately, the British won the battle.
Jassi has previously attended the mela, even before the current constituency boundary charges were confirmed.
On this occasion, Jassi Khangura gave a grant of Indian Rupee symbol.svg31,000 to the managing committee and participated with his son Jaibir, Ex-MLA Malkiat S. Dakha, Mr. Pargat S. Aliwal, Mr. Ranjit S. Mangat, Mr. Satwinder S. Jawaddi, Zila Parishad member Mr. Sukhdev S. Chak, Chairman Jaswant Singh Purrain and others.
There were outstanding performances by Jaswant Sandela, Bhajna Amlii, Bibi Sukhjeet Kaur (Santi), Arjun Ladla, Hardev Dhusa, Surjit Aliwal, Pal Singh Pal and Sukhwinder K. Sukhi. The mela concluded with outstanding wrestling matches.
In the Picture Left to Right – Mr. Pargat S. Aliwal, Mr. Shampy S. Bhanohar, Mr. Lambardar Chur Singh, Mr. Ranjit S. Mangat, MLA Jassi Khangura with son Jaibir, Ex-MLA Malkiat S. Dakha and others

Prize distribution at Kartar Singh Duki School Latala
Prizes were distributed to talented students on July 12, 2011 by Jassi’s brother, Satti Khangura at Kartar S. Duki Gov’t Senior Secondary School in Latala. The family of late Sardar Kartar Singh Duki, after whom the school is named, has a long association with the school and have contributed massively to its development, including a donation of Indian Rupee symbol.svg13 Lakh for further work on the school community hall.
Jagdish Singh Khangura, S/O Subedaar Jagpal Singh Khangura who lives in L.A, USA, is a long term financial supporter of the school.
On this occasion Satti Khangura deputised for him and was delighted once again to meet Bibi Kuldeep Kaur, bhua ji of Jagdish S. Khangura. Satti’s speech concluded with a message to the students, “Education is a precious treasure that stays with a student for life, like a shadow.”
In the Picture Left to Right - Principal Mr. Gurdev Singh, Bibi Kuldeep Kaur, Mr. Avtar Singh Latala, Mr. Parminder Singh Latala, Mr. Deepak Khandoor, Mr. Shampy S. Bhanohar and parents and students were present.

Qila Raipur Sports Association meeting
Meeting was held on July 16, 2011 to review finances, following the last Qila Raipur games, physical condition of the stadium and filming of a documentary. The team surveyed the stadium grounds, particularly the groundwork which will prevent water logging in future. Members were filmed by Navalpreet Rangi for a documentary on the games. The sponsorship status, plan and dates for the next Qila Raipur games were also discussed and it was decided that the games should take place after the 2012 voting but before the counting.
In the Picture from left to right- V.P Ranjit S. Mangat, President Gurshandeep S. Grewal, MLA Jassi Khangura, Mr. Paramjit Singh, Mr. Gurmeet Singh, Mr. Amrik Singh Assi Kalan.

In the Picture from left to right- V.P Ranjit S. Mangat, Mr. Paramjit S. Grewal, Mr. Gurshandeep S. Grewal, Mr. Jaspal S. Pal, Mr. Gurmeet S. Mita, MLA Jassi Khangura, Mr. Sukhdev Singh, Mr. Paramjit Singh, VP Mr. Khushwant S. Jassi, Mr. Gurmeet Singh, Mr. Rupinder Singh and Mr. Gurdeep Singh

Cricket Tournament at village Purain
Jassi Khangura inaugurated 12th cricket tournament at village Purain and gave a grant of Indian Rupee symbol.svg5,100 to the cricket club. Jassi in his speech commended the members of the club in preparing such a fabulous tournament and showing their enthusiasm towards a sport that is recognized worldwide. Fortunately, the rain held off for sufficient time to allow a day’s play.
In the picture Left to Right – Mr. Titu Purain, Mr. Gurbax S. Purain, Mr. Sonu Purain, MLA Jassi Khangura, Mr. Pritam S. Ranke, Mr. Sher Singh and Mr. Jasa Purain

Innovative cookery contest for student-teacher chef
On July 25, 2011, the hotel management department of GGN Institute of Management and Technology (GGNIMT) organised an innovative cookery contest “Student-Teacher Chef Competition,” in which Jassi was the chief guest. Dr SP Singh welcomed guests and spoke on the growing graph of hotel industry and its associated career opportunities. Teams from 10 leading schools of Ludhiana participated in the event. The participants were provided with a kitchen, along with the same set of Indian and imported ingredients, to prepare dishes of their own choice.
Jassi tried all the dishes in the competition, mostly based around Paneer and Mushrooms. The standards were high and Jassi quipped that the Judge, Mrs Moly Joshi (Retd. Head Dietician Department) CMC, had an unenviable task.
In Jassi’s speech, he welcomes the creation of the new department of the Hotel Management and said that a world of opportunities waited for those that put in sufficient effort.
The first prize was won by Guru Nanak International Public School, while GGN Public School finished as runner-up. KVM School got the “Best Innovation” award, while Sargodha Public School was given the “Best Teamwork Award”. Mr. Kuldip Singh, Director, GGNIMT, proposed the vote of thanks and Co-ordinator Mr. Gunwant Singh Dua congratulated winners.
MLA Jassi Khangura with contestants of, ‘Student-Teacher Chef Competition,’ at GGN Institute of Management and Technology (GGNIMT)

Khangura Kabbadi Academy
Khangura Kabbadi Academy established in year 2000 by S. Jagpal S. Khangura and Mr. Harbaksh S. Khanugura, is pleased to announce that seven of its players are currently overseas participating in Kabbadi competitions. The academy is under the chairmanship of Jassi Khangura and the players are trained and coached by Major S. Phalwan and Mr. Harinder (Kaka) S. Phalewal. To ensure the success of the players and the academy, there is no discrimination among players and regular drug testing is conducted.
In the 2010-2011 World Cup Championships, two players, Mr. Dulha and Mr. Jas, represented Khangura Kabbadi Academy from America.
Academy is supported and funded by Jassi Khangura and NRI friends across the globe.
In the picture Left to Right- Coach Kaka S. Phalewal, Chairman Jagpal S. Khangura, MLA Jassi Khangura, Mr. Garry S. Grewal, Mr. Ranjit S. Mangat, Trainer Major S. Phalwan, Mr. Manmohan S. Chairman Narangwal, Mr. Harnek S. Sarabha, Mr. Shampy S. Bhanohar with Khangura Kabbadi Academy players.

IELTS will return!!!
The IELTS (International English Language Testing System) course will be offered in three locations starting December 2011. The course will be conducted again by Steven Vincent, a qualified IELTS and TOEFL teacher from the UK. A similar course was offered in 2010 in which 234 students were drawn from different villages and completed the course with great convenience and confidence. Steven Vincent, in total, spent almost a year volunteering for the programme in 2010. Khangura said "Steven's teaching has been completely invaluable. Not only has he taught English but has taught confidence to so many village youngsters."
The dates and villages of the IELTS course will be announced in the upcoming newsletters.
Steven Vincent with students from 2010 class

MDVL Success Story
Surjeet Kaur, 60 year old, MDVL Women Entrepreneur lives in Qila Raipur,Punjab with her 75 year old husband, Daljit Singh. Surjeet is a step mother to two boys and biological mother of one girl. Tragically, one of Surjeet’s son passed away at the age of 35. Surjeet and her family were very poor and could not bear to pay the medical expenses.
Currently, Surjeet and her husband live alone as her second son lives separately with his own family, and her daughter, as per tradition, lives with her husband.
Surjeet is the sole earner for both her husband and herself. Before becoming part of the MDVL Women Entrepreneur program she worked as a domestic helper where she earned only Indian Rupee symbol.svg600 a month, which mostly her husband took leaving her without even enough for their basic needs.
Surjeet, since becoming part of the MDVL scheme, feels that she is able to run her house according to her budget and has a much better standard of living. "I am so happy” says Surjeet, “I finally feel that there is a better future for me and my husband."
Surjeet has a lot of expectations from this project and now looks at herself as an independent woman who can run her household on her own as the program provides her with her own bank account where her income is directly deposited.
Surjit Kaur Indra

Two Block Meetings held to Honor Ex-MLA Malkiat S. Dakha
Two meetings were held at village Mullanpur and Swaddi Kalan on July 29, 2011 to honor Ex-MLA Malkiat S. Dakha who was recently appointed as Zila President of Rural Congress Committee, Ludhiana, (please see previous story). The meeting was organized block wise and commenced in the village Mullanpur and wrapped up in the village Swaddi Kalan. Mr. Malkiat S. Dakha was honored by Congress party workers, supporters and leaders.
Chairman Manjit S. Bharowal in the meetings ensured the unity of Punjab Congress and also gave faith to Capt. Amarinder Singh that the Congress party will have a strong hold on all eight rural seats under the leadership of Mr. Malkiat S. Dakha.
During the meeting Mr. Malkiat S. Dakha assured that the upcoming Shaheed Kartar Singh Isru Barsi will be successful and will be celebrated at village Isru. Mr. Malkiat S. Dakha requested to all Congress party workers, supporters and leaders to reach the Barsi and make it a memorable event.
In the picture Left to Right (front row)- Mr. Kirtinderpal Singh, Mr. Pargat S. Aliwal, MLA Jassi Khangura, Chairman Manjit S Bharowal, Ex-MLA Malkiat S. Dakha, Mr. Gurdip S. Bhaini, Mr. Kuldeep Sarpanch, Mr. Ranjit S. Mangat, Mr. Bhajan S. Detwal

Mr. Avtar Singh Latala, Mr. Bhajan S. Detwal, Mr. Suresh Garg, Mr. Manjit Singh, Mr. Gurdeep S. Bhaini, Ex-MLA Malkiat S. Dakha, MLA Jassi Khangura, Mr. K.K. Bawa, Mr. Satinder S. Bhanohar, Mr. Parminder Singh Latala, Mr. Pawan Sadana

Join the Govind National Narangwal College Alumni
If you are a graduate of Govind National Narangwal College, register and join the Narangwal College Alumni Narangwal College  is run by Patna Sahib Education Trust, which was set up by Late S. Joginder Singh Grewal (PP Sahib) on Jan 25, 1966 under inspiration from Sant Baba Gurdit Singh Ji, Kutia Sahib Wale. The foundation stone of the college was laid by Sant Baba Harbans Singh Ji on April 24, 1966. For the past forty five years, this college has been spreading education rural areas in science (Non-medical) and Humanities up to degree classes. The College has started Post-graduate classes in Punjabi and mathematics, B.PED (One year course), B.PED (four year course), PGDCA and Computer Science (elective) classes.

The college is headed by a highly energetic, dynamic and dedicated Principal, Dr. Hardiljit Singh Gosal and President S. Jagpal S. Khangura.
Govind National Narangwal College, Ludhiana

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