August 19, 2011

Real Independence For AAM ADMI in 2011

The fruits of Independence were not passed on in 1947 to common Non VIP Indians. Anna Hazare is ensuring that the benefits are , now , shared by all Indians and not by selected VIP Indians.

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Hindustan Hamara Hai - Kissi Ki Jagir Nahin

Indians - Divided In To VIPs And Non VIPs

Post 1947 Indians have been divided in to two categories. VIP Indians and Non VIP Indians , the privileged and the non privileged.

In present day India the grossly differential mindset towards VIP Indians and Non VIP Indians is best exemplified by the way they are treated at Highway Toll Plazas . At the Toll Plazas we find large Notice Boards which give lists of various categories of VIP Indians who do not have to pay the Toll Tax. Further , for such VIP s there is a fast track passage gate  .These VIPs have vehicles worth Rs. 50 lakh +.

But for Non VIP Indians even if they are in a simple Maruti 800 or Nano they have to pay the same amount as any SUV or premium car.Whereas super privileged VIPs do not pay any tax ( they can always claim a refund from their concerned office ) there is no relief ever considered for even an humble handicapped Indian ( for whom car is a necessity and not a luxury ) in an humble Nano.

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