September 17, 2011

Highest Petrol Price in Country -Punjabis Seek Justice

In Punjab in one litre of petrol nearly Rs. 37 are collected as taxes . Punjab Govt. which opposes petrol hike by Centre does nothing to reduce its state duties which are the highest in the country .

All Governments should cut down on its very bloated bureaucracy and make Governance simpler and cheaper rather than keep increasing the burden ,in one form or the other , on AAM AADMI 

. Petrol is mainly used by the common man ( two wheelers run exclusively of petrol ) unlike diesel ( which is heavily subsidised at the expense of petrol in skewed up cross subsidy regime ),

( For car users First there is Excise Duty And Sales Tax ( or VAT ) , then Octroi ( in many states ) , then Registration Charges in Lump sum for 15 years , then infrastructure etc cess on Petrol , then there are Toll Tax barriers where even a Nano owner pays as much as a SUV ( Rs. 40 lakh plus )

Whereas Notice Boards display , at ever multiplying Toll Tax Plazas on Highways numerous categories of  VIPs as Exempted , Physically Handicapped are not even considered for any relief . 

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