September 29, 2011

India - Pakistan Should Reduce Tensions

Jalandhar thinkers are deeply concerned about China exploiting , to India's detriment , the current US - Pakistan rift.

China props up Pakistan only to weaken India ( Pearl of Strings policy )India should reduce tensions with Pakistan so that China does not get an opportunist platform vis- a - vis India. Pakistan and India are the two most similar nations in so many ways ( Historically , Culturally , Religion etc. ) Surely friendship is better than enmity. Let Nano cars run in Pakistan . Tata Motors and its shareholders would gain. Pakistanis would get a very good car at a fraction of cost they currently pay.

By co-operating with Pakistan India can keep the other Powers out of this Region. We all know that Osama`s body was taken by the US to an Air Craft Carrier for sea burial . But what was a US Aircraft carrier doing in the Arabian Sea. Arabian Sea cannot be allowed to become Persian Gulf.

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