October 30, 2011

Jalandhar Investors Flay " Occupy Dalal Street " Move by Communist Party ( CPI )

While even China is encouraging Share Markets and public participation , Communist Party of India is trying to push India backwards by their ill advised  " Occupy Dalal Street "  Move from 04-11-11

Instead of protesting Communist Parties should encourage the Share Markets as share markets facilitate wider holding in large enterprises even by small share holders . This spreading out of wealth and wealth creation among many people is  another form of Socialism .

In India companies like Hero Moto ( earlier Hero Honda ) , Cummins , Hindustan Unilever , ITC , Reliance group etc etc have financially enriched lakhs of small investors.

State ownership as the erstwhile USSR also have proven leads only to an inefficient and wasteful enterprise model. So called socialist policies and state monopolies kept India backward and brought it to the brink of bankruptcy in early 1990 s. Reforms initiated by Dr. Man Mohan Singh have made India oneof the fasted growing economies of the World. 

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