October 09, 2011

Very Rare Calcutta Mint 1900 -Medallion / Seal / Coin ?? - Please Guide

I wonder if it’s possible to tell me what I have here, (please see the attached photographs).
As I cannot find anything even similar to it on the internet.
It either made of bronze, gold or some very heavy metal; its sizes are 6 cm wide (across the base) and 1.8 cm high,
It weight is 12 ¾ Ounces (361.5 Grams or 0.8 Pounds).
Stamped on its side is “CALCUTTA MINT 1900”
The front has an very detailed raised engraving depicting six Indian solders with guns, swords and one horse, the back has stamped lettering but has been dented as if it has been hit many times that they are very hard to make out, possibly one is WELLI.........,  another looks like G.G. SOFER and there is G.M.P stamped separately.
I wondered if it’s a seal or stamp of some kind, I think it’s too detailed for a paperweight and there are none on the internet.
Have you seen one before?
Thanks for your help.

Colin White,

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