November 25, 2011

Do Not Push The " Aam Aadmi " To The Wall - Jalandhar Thinkers

Jalandhar Thinkers do not in any way condone the recent extreme acts against politicians etc.

But there should be introspection regarding why in the common man feeling so desperate and frustrated . Surely , this is Independent India . Why has the Democracy become what people are calling " Loot Tantra instead of Lok Tantra ? This is not the way our Constitution was supposed to function. Is the credibility and trust  gap between the so called Rulers ( Babu and the Neta ) same as was in British times ?

Every politician is condemning .

Netas should be popular and not feel scared of facing the common man.

Overcharging  Petrol consumers , electricity at double rates , Free electricity to some  on Vote Bank basis , Octroi ( Choongi ) on Petrol and Electricity ( for Paid Customers ) ,Penal Rate ( Commercial ) for Urban  business men electricity consumers  Mushrooming Toll Plazas where even a Nano motorist pays the same Toll as a BMW are going to very important issues for the Middle Class . The Middle Class ( post Anna Hazare ) has become the latest and the most  powerful Vote Bank .

  Middle Class is the ultimate payer of Vote Bank freebies and now has started demanding justice for its hard work.

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