November 29, 2011

Jalandhar Thinkers Decry Double Standards of Political Parties

For Communists Walmart in China - OK - In India - NO

It appears Communists in India have double standards. While China has gone ahead with Walmart , India is being sought to be kept in the Stone Age.  (For narrow aims Communists and even BJP has come together in opposing FDI in Retail ) In its earlier Election Manifesto BJP had promised FDI in Retail .

Some time it was computerization ( Had they had their way then India could not have emerged as World 's leading  IT Hub.

Look at what liberalisation has done in the Communication sector ( especially telephony ) in India. Around 10 years back one had wait for endless years to get an ordinary telephone connection. Now , nearly every Indian whether Aam Admni or Khas Aadmi proudly owns a mobile.

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