November 15, 2011

LK Advani in Jalandhar - Urban Punjabis Want BJP to Do More

Veteran Bhartiya Janta Party ( BJP ) leader was in Jalandhar . He was warmly greeted by local BJP leaders prominent among them the Jalandhar Mayor Rakesh Rathore.

However , Jalandhar public feels that BJP should do more for the urban Punjabis .

Because of vote bank politics , Urban Punjabis are getting crushed under the highest in the contry Petrol prices in Punjab and because the burden of free electricity being put on Paid consumers ( cross subsidy ) electricity in Punjab is nearly Rs. 3 Per Unit more expensive than in Himachal Pradesh .

Post Anna Hazare Middle Class has become a very strong Vote Bank. In the forthcoming elections in Punjab Middle Classes may tend to vote en masse to those candidates who promise pro Middle Class policies on Petrol ,Electricity , Highway Toll Plazas etc.

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