November 27, 2011

ONA ( Punjab Public School Nabha ) Amritsar Chapter Inaugurated

Hotel Alstonia , Ranjit Avenue , Amritsar ( Nabhaite owned Most Luxurious ) was the venue


                                                                                                                                                                Dated: 16.11.2011
Dear Old Nabhaite,
There is a sizeable number of Old Nabhaites in Amritsar. We all share in common that once all of us studied in our childhood second home, which is PPS. We walked, played, lived, studied and went through same experineces in our alma mater,of course at different times.
Many get togethers have been held of Amritsar Old Nabhaites in the past. They have been held rarely and the ONA Amritsar Chapter has never been formally established and organised.
It has been decided to bring all of us from Amritsar who once studied in PPS Nabha on a common platform and formally establish an Amritsar Chapter. We have been encouraged and supported by the parent body “Old Nabhaites Association” to do so. They would like to see an organised Amritsar Chapter that is represented in the parent body in future.They want us to be part of decision making process in ONA.The President of ONA, Lt Gen TK Sapru(Retd) ,Gen Secy IS Sidhu and Dr Jashanjot, permanent Exec member in charge of ONA Communications have been requested to attend.
It is high time we interacted and got to know each other not only because we are from same Family called PPS but also today the world runs on the “Old School ties”.  We would like that Old Nabhaites in Amritsar feel the ONA Chapter is their second family in Amritsar. In future we should be able to share each other’s happiness and come to help each other in time of need. The feeling and spirit of brotherhood among Old Nabhaites is very important as projectd in the Aims and Objectives of ONA.
Keeping these objectives in mind a meeting is being organised as follows
Venue: Alstonia Hotel, Ranjit Avenue Amritsar
Time:11.30 a.m.
This will be followed by a contributory Lunch and fellowship.Please contact the undersigned for information and directions if need be.
With best wishes and regards
Yours Nabhaitely & RSVP
Sukhpreet Singh Khera (R-522,1981)                                      Lt Col Mulkeet Sandhu,Retd.(S-54,1966) 
(Personnel Manager,OCM India Ltd)                                                   Mobile: 9464891775      
M: 9463648852,9646022878                                        Mobile: 9464891775      

 Bringing  Old  Nabhaites  together  "Here and the Whole World Through".
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