November 02, 2011

Petrol Hike - Jalandhar Citizens Strongly Oppose

Jalandhar citizens would no accept any further hike in petrol prices. Petrol , unlike Diesel , is mainly used by common man in scooters and motor cycles. Petrol  in Punjab  is costliest in India because of Punjab state's VAT etc.Further , crude prices have come down in thew World markets ( so there should be reduction and not increase in Petrol prices ).

Instead of continuously increasing costs and taxes on the common man , Governments should reduce its very hefty cost of bureaucracy . The cost of Governance should be drastically cut.

People in Jalandharand rest of Punjab are commenting that, in the forthcoming Punjab Assembly Elections ,  they would vote for those candidates who promise to bring down petrol prices to the prices prevailing in Haryana ( where Petrol is around Rs. 7 cheaper than Punjab ) . Further , the Voters want relief from mushrooming Toll Plazas in Punjab.

Nano , Maruti 800 etc shouyld be exempted from Toll Taxes.

There should be exemption for the Physically Handicapped car travelers.

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