November 30, 2011

Petrol Price Cut by Around 70 Paise- Demand For Reducing VAT

Jalandhar Thinkers want Punjab Government to stop overcharging petrol consumers ( as petrol is used mainly by the common man in scooters , motorcycles and smaller cars . Expensive vehicles use Diesel )

Paise 70  less per liter is only a token cut but welcome nevertheless . Now , the Government should decontrol Diesel as well so that ( on Vote Bank considerations ) petrol consumers are not made to cross subsidise diesel.. Secondly , Punjab Government should reduce VAT and stop overcharging petrol consumers who are currently paying nearly Rs. 8 per liter more  than in  neighbouring Haryana.

In the Assembly elections , massive over charging on petrol and mushrooming Toll Plazas ( where a Nano is charged at the same rate as a BMW ) are going to very important issues for the now awakened Middle Class.


When Octroi ( Choongi ) Abolished in Punjab Why it Continues on Petrol And Electricity ?

Jalandhar Thinkers are discussing that when Octroi ( Choongi ) has been abolished in Punjab ( substituted by VAT  ) why is it being continued to be levied on Petrol ( urban areas only ) and on Electricity ( again Urban areas only ).

In Punjab Urban Consumers of petrol are paying both Octroi ( Choongi ) and additional VAT ( part of which is supposed to be lieu of Choongi)

Double Whammy !!!

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