November 11, 2011

Petrol Price Reduction Should Not Be Cosmetic- Punjab Rate Should Be Same as Haryana

There are some reports that next week there may a reduction a token reduction of around Re. 1 Per Liter of Petrol

The reduction should be much more as petrol ( unlike diesel ) is mainly used by the common man ( in scooters , motorcycles , Maruti 800 , Nano etc. ) Expensive vehicles use diesel. Due to Vote Bank politics diesel prices are not touched . This leaves the common man to bear the burden of rich man's luxuries.

Petrol price in Punjab is around Rs. 7 a Liter more expensive than in Haryana

There are heavy taxes on Petrol . The actual cost of Petrol is less than Rs. 25 Per Litre.

So the reduction in Petrol price in Punjab should be Rs. 10 + Per Litre

Further , Maruti 800 , Nano cars and Physically Handicapped travelers should be exempted at the Toll Plazas on the Highways.

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