November 04, 2011

Without Taxes Petrol Costs Less Than Rs. 25 Per Litre

There is growing resentment among Petrol consumers in Jalandhar and else where against the exploitative manner in which Government is increasing  Petrol prices .

Consumers in Jalandhar are demanding immediate roll down of Petrol prices .

It is noteworthy that without Govt. taxes cost of petrol is between Rs. 20 to Rs.25 Per Litre.

Government is using Petrol prices to cross subsidise other petroleum products due to Vote Bank politics

Govt. needs  cut the cost of bureaucracy and the burden of giving pre poll freebies should not be put on the Middle Classes.

Petrol price in Punjab ( due to taxes ) is the highest in the country. Petrol in Punjab is costlier by nearly Rs. 7 Per litre compared to the petrol price in Haryana. Petrol in Haryana and Punjab is sourced from same set of refineries.

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