December 12, 2011

Arrest of Manpreet Badal Condemned

Jalandhar Citizens have condemned the arrest in Chandigarh of Manpreet Badal on the grounds that he is a follower of Anna Hazare.

Manpreet Badal has opposed Vote Bank feebies and concessions being given out in Punjab. Manpreet Badal wants that economic considerations should take precedence.

Ultimately , all freebies and concessions are borne by the Middle Class.

In these elections Middle has emerged as a Vote Bank.

Issues of

Free Electricity on Vote Bank Basis
 Continued Levy of Octroi ( Choongi ) on Urban Electricity and Petrol
 Penal ( "Commercial " ) Rates of Electricity for Urban Businessmen
Overcharging in Petrol Prices ( Price Rs. 8 higher than in Haryana )
Mushrooming Toll Plazas where a Nano is charged at the same rate as a BMW
Misuse of Red Lights ( a major Traffic Hazard )

are going to be very important issues for the Aam Aadmi in these assembly Elections.

Urban middle Class Voters in Punjab woulds support those candidates who promise equality and no to Vote Bank subsidies .

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