March 30, 2011

Mohali Semi Final - Jalandhar Glued to TV Sets

As with the rest of the country , Jalandhar Roads , Bazars , Parks etc are wearing a deserted look. People are watching India - Pakistan Semi Final cricket matc at Mohali.

Some cinema houses in Jalandhar have put up giant screens.

We wish India all the best.

March 29, 2011

Urban Estates Phase One And Two , Labour Colony Jalandhar Transferred to Municipal Corp

Urban Estate Phase One , Phase Two and Labour Colony Jalandhar have been , formally , transferred to Municipal Corporation Jalandhar.

Henceforth , water charges or construction drawings etc. would be done by Municipal Corporation Jalandhar.

Peoples' Party of Punjab- Founded By a Stephanian

Manpreet Singh Badal is an alumnus of St. Stephen's College Delhi.

All Stephanians , including the Blog Writer , wish him all the very best.

March 24, 2011

Jalandhar Celebrates Cricket Victory With Crackers And Sweets

Like rest of the country Jalandhar donned the festival spirit post 10.30 PM .

Jubilant crowds exploded fire crackers and distributed sweets .

Jalandhar Under Spell of India - Australia Cricket Match

Jalandhar like the rest of the country in under a self imposed afternoon holiday. Majority of residents are glued to their TV sets . Where ever possible cricket lovers completed their work in the forenoon.

Streets ans roads are desrted .

We wish Indian team all the best.

March 23, 2011

23 rd March - Martyrdom Day of Bhagat Singh ; Sukhdev And Rajguru

Poem dedicated to 1857 War of Independence

The Stream Crossing ("Pattan"-1858 )

Haggard , Beaten and Downcast .They walked along our bullock carts.
Without exchanging glances , without making enquiries .
Both sides knew each other.
We moved silently along the criss crossing streams and dry land in the river bed,
On stones and in mud, the wooden wheels groaned ,
They gave our carts the tug or the required jerk .
Whether to help us or to avoid a lash on the bullocks , we don't know .

Was it a dry river bed or an elaborate trap ?
Horsemen in full dress, Cheery and with vengenceful lust .
Went firing their rifles at their former Sepoys
With abandon joy they slashed their swords on already shot men.
Shouting "Pigs", "Dogs", And What not , We did not understand ( Thank God ).

When it all ended ,
the longer streams now carried smaller streams.
Of blood, flesh, and a whole nation's Morale .

After a stupefying stall , the caravan of bullock carts moved to the end of the river bed.
Climbing the steep bank , they found themselves in the weekly bazaar.
The bazaar stalls were untouched by the retreating marauders .
But the people were all downcast.

We stood their for what seemed eternity.
Not buying nor moving ahead.
Two playful children emerged ,With gay abandon they moved up and down the path.
One a Sikh and other with a chest of iron.
They seemed to be saying "Don't lose heart", "Don't lose hope".
Bhagat and Chandra Shekhar Would one day avenge the holocaust.
( Background of the poem is the defeat of the great warriors in 1858 and History's most vicious and inhuman revenge taken out by the victorious English forces . "Pattan " in Hindi means River crossing and well as defeat. "They" are defeated and unarmed sepoys are walking along " We" i.e. public caravan of oxen carts , at a dry river crossing, when they are ambushed and brutally butchered by the English .The victors were very successful in humiliating and scaring the Indians till great revolutionaries like Bhagat Singh and Chander Shekhar "Azad" and many others like them were able to restore the National pride .)
Poet-.Ashwani Kumar Aggarwal.

Manjeet of PCM SD College Jalandhar - Univ Topper ( M Sc. - Computer Science -First )

Manjeet has done Jalandhar proud by topping in Guru Nanak Dev University in M.Sc - Computer Science _ First Semester .

Manjeet scored 441 / 600.

Principal PCM SD College Jalandhar , Kiran Arora , congratulated Manjeet and her parents.

Karamjit Kaur Chaudhary - DPI ( Colleges ) Punjab

Former Principal Sports College Jalandhar  , Karamjit Kaur Chaudhury , has been appointed DPI ( Colleges ) Punjab.

March 22, 2011

Pictures and news of seminar 9 march 2011 on Maulvi Ghulam Rasool Alampuri in Pakistan

Moulvi Ghulam Rasul Alampuri of Alampur ( Dasuya ) near Jalandhar ,was a great poet and
Saint ( 19 th century )

10 th Punjab Open Body Building Championship Organised in Jamshar Khera ( Jalandhar )

 Champion Health Club Khera ( Jalandhar ) under the guidance of Jaspal Pala organised 10 th Punjab Open body Building Champuionship at Jamsher Khera ( Jalandhar ).

Congress leader and former Chairman Market Committee Rajinder Pal Singh was the Chief Guest.

Dr. Prit Pal Singh ,a  prominent social worker preesented Rs. 5100 to the Champion.

Prominent leader Gian Chand Bhatti was special Guest of Honour.

Holi Celebrated in Pakistan

Jalandhar citizens are happy to note that Holi was celebrated in Pakistan .

Please click :-

Health Related Interactive Sessions For Public at SGL Hospital ( Garha ) Jalandhar

Date : 24-03-11  ( Thursday ); Time 5 pm
Topic " Save Your Heart From Being Attacked
Doctors : Dr. Vinod Kumar MD ,
Dr. Amritpal Singh MD ,
Dr. Anil K. Sood DM
Dr.DP Marik M. Ch.
Venue :SGL Super Specialty Hospital Reception Hall

NEXT  TOPICS : ( All Thursdays )

31-03-11 - Joint Pains And Joint Replacement
07-04-11 - Diet To Keep Your Stomach Healthy
14-04-11 - Contraception
21-04-11 -Rights of a Patient in the Light of Medical Ethics
28 -04 -11 Diabetes - Prevention of Complications

SGL Charitable Hospital
( Founder Chairman Baba Kashmira Singh Ji )
Garha Road ,
Jalandhar - 144022

Tel :0181 -2481205 ;
email :

March 21, 2011

Jalandhar Citizens Regret Attack on Libya by the West

Jalandhar citizens are of the opinion that the Western Powers have learnt nothing from their military actions  in Afghanistan and Iraq in the recent past .

The attack on Libya is not for supporting democracy but for OIL . Western nations' double standards are apparent in their dealing with those Arab regimes like Libya who are against them and in dealing with   those Arab regimes  which are Pro West.

It is high time that the centuries old policy of " gun boat diplomacy " is given up. 

March 20, 2011

Passport Adalat on 10-04-11 at Kartarpur ( Jalandhar )

Date :
Time : 10 am to 5 pm
Venue : Master Gurbanta Singh Memorial Janta College , Kartarpur

Registration Compulsory - Take Token Number ( Last date for Registration - 03-04-11 )


Passport Office
email :-
( m) 95017-79007

Applicants from only districts of Jalandhar ; Hoshiarpur ; Kapurthala  and Shahid Bhagat Singh Nagar ( Nawanshahr ) are eligible to participate.

Parneet Singh ,
Passport Officer ,

Justice And Armed Forces ??

hide details 10:10 AM (3 hours ago)

Brigadier CS Kamboj, VSM., VETERAN,
Email ID –
Dear Friends,
Jai Hind.
I am sure that the latest letter from Gen SK Bahri to Mrs Sonia Gandhi and copy to others, appended below, will not only disturb the peace of mind of Government of India, but also the three Services Chiefs. Whether they all will act on this letter or not – your guess is as good as mine. If they do not act – situation on ground will turn from bad to worse.
There are fairly large number of Former Chiefs, Vice Chiefs, Army Commanders and equivalents of the Three Services and other senior officers on the direct emailing list of "Report My Signal".
Through this email I appeal to all the Former Chiefs, Vice Chiefs, Army Commanders and Equivalents of the Three Services and other former senior officers, to pay heed to the rapidly growing unrest among the Indian Military Veterans because of the gross injustice by Government of India to Defence Services.
While IESM leaders, we the ground workers of IESM and many other military veterans are trying their utmost to maintain military discipline and advising the veterans not to resort to any acts which can be termed as against military ethics, gradually more and more veterans are losing patience and wanting to take stern action against the Government of India to force them to respond to military veterans’ demands for justice.
Just remember – one former soldier in Rajasthan made the Government of Rajasthan and the Central Government to come down on their knees.
If 24 lakh Indian Military Veterans spread all over India lose their patience – what will happen?

It is high time that the Former Chiefs of the Three Services and other senior Veteran officers of the Three Services, should meet and discuss as to how to make the Government listen to the demands of the Defence Services.
Sirs, if you do not act jointly now to support the Indian Military Veterans – day is not far off when the Government of India will call you all at one place and ask you to speak to the Indian Military Veterans and ask the Veterans not to resort to ways which are against the basic ethics of Military Discipline.
Military Veterans are now getting desperate to get justice – if the Government does not listen to their legitimate demands being put up according to the military ethics and even through Supreme Court and Armed Forces Tribunals – the Veterans will not hesitate to change their tack.
Dear Former Chiefs of the Three Services and other senior military veterans – it is because of our loyalty and our sacrifices that you attained those high posts. Now - it is time for you all to show your loyalty to your subordinates and work according to the basic ethics of Military.
Dear Former Chiefs and other senior Military Veterans - if you do not wish to follow the Military Ethics of showing your loyalty to Indian Military Veterans who gave best years of their lives to the nation – how can you or the Government of India expect the other military veterans to follow military ethics???
Dear Sirs – come out of the comforts of your bungalows and meet some military veterans who are now on streets to demand justice.
We are running from pillar to post for justice – and you all keeping quiet - does not speak high about you.
If you wish to save yours and Indian Military Veterans prestige being tarnished because of actions which may not be in keeping with military traditions - you should act fast. Do not keep waiting for an invitation to you but invite others to discuss this burning military issue.
What is written above is based on regular inputs from military veterans through emails, phone calls and discussions at veterans’ rallies.
Vande Matram
In service of Indian Military Veterans
Chander Kamboj.
PS – Two emails received in response to Gen Bahri’s letter to Mrs Sonia Gandhi, are also reproduced below. I am sure many more such emails will follow soon.
From: Satish Kumar Bahri []
Sent: 13 March 2011 11:44
To: Satish Bahri

I enclose herewith a copy of the letter I have sent to Mrs Sonia Gandhi, with copies to the RM, Mr Antony and Chairman, Chiefs' of Staff Committee, ACM Naik.
I doubt if any earthshaking effect will come out of this letter but we have to keep on chipping at this boulder till it is a pebble and can be disregarded!
Wish more of us were to do it.
Lt Gen SK Bahri
(1st JSW Course, Former MGO)
Lt Gen SK Bahri PVSM (Retd) A3/502 World Spa East
Sector 30/41
Gurgaon 122001
Tele 0124 4143180/181
Mar 2011

Justice And The Armed Forces: A Mirage

I had written a letter to you on 14 Jun 10 on the above subject and was hoping that you as Head of The National Advisory Committee, a body which is trying to give justice to people who have long been denied it, will respond favourably to the request of the Armed Forces. You passed my letter on to the Ministry of Defence for necessary action. To my surprise I got a reply from JS (Pension) dated 11 Feb 11 (copy attached).
The JS could not have replied in a more bureaucratic manner. Wasted a whole sheet of paper telling half truths and provides garbled information, taking me to be an ignoramus who can be fooled, just as this babudom has been doing to our hapless country for the last 60 years. Not realising that I served my last four years in Army HQ and am quite aware of bureaucratic subterfuges. No wonder the Services chafe against such Joint Secretaries, who consider themselves equal to a Major General but we would be loathe to equate him to a Major!
Firstly, he talks about the Govt having filed an appeal (IA No 9/2010) seeking modification of the Supreme Court order dated 8 Mar 2010. He talks as though it affects the pay and allowances of many serving/retired officers favourably and, so asks us to await the Court’s order that will be delivered on 24 Feb 11. He does not reveal that his Ministry is fighting tooth and nail the Supreme Court order of 8 Mar 2010, only because it is favourable to the Officers. During the hearing on 24 Feb 11 the Supreme Court termed the affidavit filed by the MOD as contemptuous and disregarded it. The typical attitude of the Govt, about which I had complained to you and Mr Veerappa Moily. I have a feeling that when the matter is heard in 8 Mar 11, the Supreme Court will flay the Govt with full fury for prevaricating against soldiers who are defenceless in their own country.
I can understand the bureaucracy being jealous of the Services (despite the babus and some of the the media trying to run them down) but it seems the political masters (including the Supreme Commander), despite pronouncements to the contrary, think on the same lines. An organisation which binds the country together, works selflessly in extreme conditions and maintains high standards of probity amidst the all pervading corruption, is being singled out for denying its legitimate dues. Is it because the Services do not form a vote bank?
Secondly, the JS is miserly with truth when he says that Cabinet Secretary’s Committee although “did not recommend One Rank One Pension, substantial improvement in the pension of Commissioned Officers and PBORs have been recommended”. Whereas the Committee flatly recommended that there is no need to treat the Armed Forces officers differently from the civilian officers. The JS then goes on to quote letters which have no relevance to the Committee’s recommendations on officers’ pensions. I would recommend to the Minister of Defence that action should be taken against this civil servant for not giving answers based on facts.
Lastly, I have a question on the staffing pattern of the MOD. Why is it that the Department of Ex Servicemen Welfare and the Department Of Pensions under it, do not have any representatives of the Services? In our Country the heads of the Minority & SC/ST Commissions or the Minister of Minority Affairs is always from the affected parties, but the Department of Ex Sevicemen Welfare is headed by an IAS officer and there is not a single defence officer in the Pension Department. Do you believe that Armed Forces officers cannot be relied upon to do a job honestly, impartially and diligently? Or is the IAS the only service which produces honest, impartial and diligent officers? It is this unwillingness to hear the affected parties which is responsible for the governance deficit in our country.
The Armed Forces need answers and they will not be fobbed off by bureaucratic shenanigans as attempted by Mr Harbans Singh, JS (Pension).
With warm regards.
Yours sincerely
(Lt Gen SK Bahri)
Mrs Sonia Gandhi
Chairperson UPA
10 Janpath
New Delhi 110001
Copy to:
Mr AK Antony
Honourable Minister of Defence
9 Krishna Menon Marg
New Delhi 110011
Mr Harbans Singh
Joint Secretary (Pension)
Ministry of Defence
Dept of Ex Servicemen Welfare
New Delhi 110011
Not On Original:
Air Chief Marshal PV Naik PVSM, VSM, ADC
Chair Chiefs Of Staff Committee
Chief of Air Staff
Air HQVayu Bhavan
New Delhi 110011
From: [] On Behalf Of Rakesh Prasad Chaturvedi
Sent: 13 March 2011 12:45
To: Satish Kumar Bahri

Dear General,
Thanks and my compliments on a very precise statement. Hope this 'chipping' has the desired effect. It is my personal view that multi directional methodologies will create the desired environment, though in recent times I have been seeing mails propounding the age old 'Lets be nice to maai baap" approach, which to my mind has actually caused this state of affairs. Cudos therefore, for this excellent plain-speak.
With Warm Regards,
Col RP Chaturvedi,
A-35, Sector 36, Noida 201303.
Mob: +919891279035
Skype: rakesh.prasad.chaturvedi

From: Ram Gulrajani []
Sent: 13 March 2011 22:45
To: IESM Bahri SK, Lt Gen; IESM Kamboj CS, Brig

Dear General
Your letter to Mrs. Sonia Gandhi is both to the point and daring. But what is the use? This letter too will be read and answered by one more Joker Secretary (JS) as all these political leaders are fire-walled by such jokers. Mrs. Gandhi must be getting thousands of such letter every day and she has (like all other political leaders) no time to read such letters. Leaders depend upon the gist of communications put up to them, and this gist is again prepared by these jokers in a manner that suits them. In short, nothing is read or understood by leaders except what is put up to them by babus or when there is an emergency situation where their survival is at stake.
What is the way to break out of this curse? The only way is for serving Generals to 'jago'. If they can acquire a little bit of your daring, things will begin to change. The Chiefs need to meet the top leadership without going through jokers, Secretaries, intermediaries, pseudo leaders and junior leaders. First and foremost the Chiefs must learn to bracket themselves with the top leadership of the country in matters of strategy, governance and politics. FM Sam Manekshaw came up only to the level of national strategy when he dared to tell Mrs. Indira Gandhi to fall in line with his views. We now need someone to go a step further and give his views on governance and political chaos. If someone can do it, we will have a better India in all departments. Time has come when the Defence Forces need not be watch dogs against external threat and internal security matters. Time has come when Defence Forces need not be used by babus and politicians as watchmen for them to loot the country. Time has come to step in to give firm and sanguine advice to powers going stray. Time has come to show that Defence forces are not sheep to be herded around by babus. Babus have covered us in sheep clothes and themselves in lion's attire and both have started acting as such. This realisation must come and come fast before jokers start herding us even more.
I am sure one broad independent statement from the Chiefs on the state of affairs prevailing in the country will tune everyone to the needs of soldiers and veterans. It will be like one roar from a lion making sheep run for cover.
It's another story if a lion has a carrot stuck in his throat!!!
Veteran Ram Gulrajani

March 19, 2011

Jobs in Banks - Banker 's Academy -Training Institute in Jalandhar

Recruitment is on in Banks

Corporation Bank - Probationary Officers ( PO ) - 250 Posts
Indian Overseas Bank - Clerks - 1100 Posts

 Batches For Quality Training Commencing Soon

Contact :-

Banker's Academy
Tel : 0181-2455551
( m ) 99155-76551
email :

Immigration Umbrella - Immigration Experts in Jalandhar

We Can Help You Immigrate Quickly and Easily
We deal in :-

Student Visas to Canada , USA , Australia and New Zealand
Permanent Resident Applications
Family And Spousal Sponsorships
Immigration Appeals

All Cases are Processed by Immigration Lawyers

205 - 206 , Sahota Complex ,
First Floor ,
( Near Bus Stand )
Opp. Hotel  Residency
Jalandhar City

POh. : 0181-4609300
email : 

March 18, 2011

Very High Rates in Auctions of Commercial Booths at Chhoti Baradari Jalandhar

A 27 .86 square metre commercial booth ( No. 1 )  in Chhoti Baradari Jalandhar was auctioned for around  Rs.  2 / 30 lakh per square metre against the reserve price of Rs. 2 / 04 lakh- Total Rs. 78 lakh

Booth No. 2 auctioned for Rs. 2 / 68 lakh per sq. meter ; Total = Rs. Rs. 74 / 66 lakh

Booth No. 3 Rs, 2 / 66 lakh per square meter ; Total = Rs. 74 lakh.

The auctioned were conducted by PUDA , Jalandhar

Holi on 19-03- 11

March 17, 2011

Basti Guzan Jalandhar - Action to be Taken Against Encroachments

Municipal Corporation Jalandhar 's officials made a detailed survey of the encroachments in the lanes and bazars of Basti Guzan Jalandhar .

Time has been given to the shopkeepers to get the encroachments removed themselves

KMV College Jalandhar - Prayer Meeting Held For Dead in Japan

A special prayer meeting was conducted in Kanya Maha Vidyalaya ( KMV ) Jalandhar to pay homage to the dead in Japan.. The staff and students expressed solidarity with the Japanese in their hour of crisis .

The meeting was conducted by Principal Dr.Atima Sharma  .

March 16, 2011

Dera Baba Gurmukh Dass Ji- Kartarpur - Mela Held

44 th Annual Two Day Mela was held at Dera Baba Gurmukh Dass , Chandan Nagar Mohalla , Kartarpur ( Jalandhar )

The Dera Chief Baba Jagan Nath looked after the Mela proceedings .

Punjab Budget -No Relief to Urban Punjabis on Electricity and Petrol

Urban Punjabis have been ditched by all

Petrol in Punjab is nearly Rs. 10 costlier than in Haryana . No relief has been granted . Hundreds of petrol pumps near the Haryana border are facing closure.

No relief has been granted to the Urban Punjabis on electricity . Landless shopkeepers have to pay electricity rates at penal rates euphemistically called commercial rates. Octroi ( Chungi ) also continues.

March 15, 2011

Aakash Institute 's Jalandhar Corporate Branch Inaugurated

India 's leading Institute for Engineering and Medical Entrance Examinations , Aakash Institute 's Corporate Brach was inaugurated in Jalandhar by Anup Agarwal , President  , Aakash Educational Services Limited at:-

Aman's Plaza ,
Plot No. 310 '
Lajpat Nagar ,
Mahavir Marg ,
Ambedkar Chowk
Jalandhar City

Tel : 0181-4604301 - 04

" Incognito 2011 " Fest of Daviet Jalandhar - Dedicated to Rishab Kumar

" Incognito 2011 " National Level Technical Feast of DAV Institute of Engineering And Technology ( Daviet , Jalandhar ) which concluded on 14 - 03 - 2011 was dedicated to

" Beloved Student "

Rishab Kumar
( 1990-2011 )

March 14, 2011

Insurance Complaints- Lodge With Insurance Ombudsman

For disputes / mis selling etc of both Life and General Insurance policies

Jalandhar and around , policy holdersa should lodge their complaints with :-

Office of the Insurance Ombudsman
SCO No. 101 -103 ,
Second Floor,
Batra Building '
Sector 17 - D ,
Chandigarh -0 160 017

Tel : 0172 - 2706196 / 5861 / 6468

Fax : 0172 - 2708274
email :

March 13, 2011

Welcome to Banga

The town of Banga is the NRI capital of Doaba ( Jalandhar ) Punjab

Christian Cell DCC Jalandhar Supports Congress Leaders

Capt. Harpal Singh ( First Para ) - Great Martyr ( Head Boy - PPS Nabha-1971 )

( Please click to enlarge )
( Please click to enlarge )
All Nabhaites ( Punjab Punjab School Nabha ) are very proud of Capt. Harpal Singh .

In USA they name their top weapons ( Patton , Sherman etc ) after their valiant soldiers , Israel ( Uzi etc ). Why not in India.  ??

It is high time that powers that are in India stop behaving like " democratically ' elected dictators.( Remember Egypt ,Tunisia , Libya etc ) .

IAS in not ICS

The Red Light Hooters on their cars , terrorising common Non- VIP Indian motorists  on Roads, are indicative of the mind set they possess. ( it is worse than  that  was of the colonial rulers )

March 12, 2011

HMV College Jalandhar Holds Seminar on Multimedia and Computer Science

Hans Raj Mahila Mahavidyalaya ( HMV College ) Jalandhar is holding a two day national
seminar on

" Multimedia - Fifth Dimension of Computer Science "

Dr. Daljit Singh Senior Director Doordarshan was the Chief Guest.

Guests of Eminence included Dr. Gurvinder Singh and Jaswinder Singh  of Computer Department of GNDU Amritsar ,

Principal Dr. Rekha Kalia Bhardwaj welcomed  the participants

Daviet Jalandhar Holds " 2011 Incognito " Talent Search Fest

DAV Institute of Engineering And Technology ( DAVIET ) Jalandhar


" 2011 Incognito "
National Level Technical Fest

!2-03-11 to 14-03-11

Guests of Eminence

Ashok Tripathy
Business Head ( Wipro Infotech Group ) Bangalore

Vijay Sabharwal Secretary , DAVMC , New Delhi

Avinash Chander
'Chief Parliamentary Secretay , Punjab

Gurcharan Singh Channi
Chairman ( District Planning Committee ) Punjab

SR Ladhar IAS
Commissioner Jalandhar Division

Dr. Rajneesh Arora
VC , PTU Jalandhar


Gurdas Mann Star Nite

Interview with World Renowned Dr. SK Salwan Ex. Vice Chancellor PTU Jalandhar

Bazm - e - Sufi ( Star Attractions : Roshan Prince ; Saida Begum ;Jyoti Nooran ; Arun Fridi )


Prof . Sudhir Sharma , Offg . Principal

Prof. CL Kochhar- Regional Director ( Engg. Colleges )

Phone : 0181-2207650 ; 2200126
email :

Jalandhar Citizens Pray For Japan 's Quake / Tsunami Hit

The loss of lives property in Japan is very sad indeed.
Jalandhar citizens are deeply concerned.

History shows thst Japan is , indeed , a very resilient Nation and Japanese are very brave people.

Click here for link to BBC video of the disaster :-

Book Fair in Jalandhar ( 0 2 to 10-04-2011 ) Golden Opportunity for Jalandhar Book Publishers

To provide ample opportunities to both publishers and booksellers to display and sell their publications and reach to students community and public at large under one roof , National Book Trust , India is organising JALANDHAR BOOK FAIR :-

Dates : 02 -04 -2011 to 10-04-11

Venue : Desh Bhagat Yadgar Hall , GT Road , Jalandhar City

Rent : Stall ( 3 metre X  3 m ) - Rs. 7721
          Stand  ( I mtr )                Rs. 1324

( 50% Discount to those Publishers Selling books in Indian Languages only )


The application form can be donloaded from the website

For further inquiry , please contact :-

Deputy Director ( Exhibition )
National Book Trust , India ,
Nefru Bhawan , 5 ,Institutional Area , Phase II ,
Vasant Kunj ,
New Delhi -110070

Tel : 011 -26707700
Fax : 011-26707846

March 11, 2011

Moulvi Ghulam Rasul Alamupri 's Mazar - Devotees Gather on 07-03-11

Alampur ( Dasuya , District Hoshiarpur ) near Jalandhar

Nirulas Open Outlet in Jalandhar

The renowned New Delhi based chain of fast foods Nirulas have opened their outlet in Jalandhar at the upmarket New Jawahar Nagar Market.

March 10, 2011

Franchise India - Business Opportunities Show 2011 in Jalandhar on 11-03-2011

Start Your Own Business

Visit The Show For Franchise and Retail Opportunities From Leading Brands

Free Advic

Hotel Country Inn And Suites

11 March 2011





BOS to 5667779


UK Visa Refusal Cases - Consultancy Services in Jalandhar

UK Visa Refusal Cases

" We Can Help You "

BT Consultants ,

Ground Floor
Ambika Tower ,
( Near Passport Office )
Jalandhar City

0181-5075601 / 02 / 03 /04

Live help : 98550-12606

March 09, 2011

Raj Kumar Gupta of Jalandhar Returns to Congress

Veteran political leader of Jalandhar , Raj Kumar Gupta has returned to the Congress fold.

Capt Amarinder Singh and Avtar Henry garlanded Raj Kumar Gupta on his " Homecoming "

Jalandhar Doctors to Observe World Kidney Day ( 10-03-11 )

  world Kidney Day ( 10-03-11 ) would be observed by Jalandhar doctors led by Dr. Sarabjit Singh , President I.M.A. Jalandhar and Dr. RS Chahal , Convener , World Kidney Day , 2011  , Jalandhar

March 08, 2011

WWS SKY SHOP Jalandhar Organised Langar on Maha Shiv Ratri

WWS SKY SHOP PRIVATE LIMITED  ( Near Narinder Cinema , Jalandhar under the charge of Jalandhar  Branch Manager Rakesh Sharma organised with great devotion  a Langar on Maha Shiv Ratri

Fancy Car No.BT-0001 Auctioned For Rs. 3 Lakh in Jalandhar

BT -0001 for Rs. 3 lakh
BS-0004 for Rs. 22 ,500
BT 0003 for Rs. 76 ,000
BT-0004 for Rs. 23 ,000
BT 0005 for Rs. 25,000
BT 0006 for Rs. 23, 150
BT 0009 for Rs. 32 ,000
BT 0011 for Rs. 31 ,000

The auction was conducted under the charge of Babita Kaler DTO Jalandhar ; Mahinder Pal , ADTO , Surjit Kaur and others.

March 07, 2011

Ram Naumi Shobha Yatra ( 11-04-11 ) in Jalandhar

Miani Overseas Welfare Society New York Holds Kabaddi Tournament

Sant Baba Prem Singh NRI Sports Club New York and Miani Overseas Welfare Society New York held at Miani ( Dasuya ) District Hoshiarpur ( Near Jalandhar ) held their First Kabaddi Tournament on 28 -02-11

City Union Bank ( CUB ) Branch Inaugurated in Jalandhar

Vijay Chopra , Chief Editor , Punjab Kesari group inaugurated 242 th Branch of City Union Bank at Julka Arcade Nakodar Road , ( Near Lal Rattan Cinema ) Jalandhar City

Rakesh Rathore , Mayor Jalandhar inaugurated the ATM facility.