January 05, 2012

Nano Cars - Excellent And Best Value For Money - Blog Writer's Experience

After our family's experience with two Nano cars ( last one year ) I can very confidently state that Nano cars are great. So many technology features at such a fraction of cost. I suggest you go in for a Test Drive . I recommend the Middle Model ( A.C ) where the engine noise is no problem. The stepney tyre in the Front acts as an Air Bag . Very Spacious ,maneuverable  fuel efficient and I may add safe as well.

In the Nano AC  Middle Model ( CX ) add a Central Locking ( Rs. 3500 ) and a Music System ( Rs. 5000 ). AC is very effective ( Heater in Winters )

Our experience with our Nano cars shows Nano be an excellent Highway and Hill Road car . Fully loaded Nano ( 5 passengers ) was taken effortlessly to Monkey Point , Kasauli ( Shimla Hills ).  Its higher ground clearance enabled it to cross easily small rivulets ( Choes ) in Himachal Pradesh. Nano car's Rear Engine gives it the advantage as while cutting through water , the waves of the water make the submerged  Rear Portion ( where the engine is ) water level   much shallow when compared with Front Portion ( This advantage is with all cars which have engine in the Rear )

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