January 30, 2012

Puran Singh's Famous Non Veg Dhaba in Ambala Cantt Asli Identified

Wife of Late S. Puran Singh With Son ( Red Shirt )
Puran Singh Da Mash hoor Dhaba at Ambala Cantt ( Near Bus stand opp Railway Station ( Non Veg Delicacies ) has been always been very popular with travelers including many from Jalandhar.

But ,  of late , many Puran Singh Da Mash hoor Dhaba clones have cropped up near the Asli Dhaba.

Asli Puran Singh Da Dhaba From Front
Asli Puran Singh Da Dhaba - Inside View
Many in Jalandhar have expressed their gratitude to the popular TV Channel Day And Night News report in which the Asli Puran Singh Dhaba has been identified.

The key in identifying the Asli Dhaba is to look  for Mrs. Puran Singh . Presently , this elderly lady in running her Late husband's Dhaba. She is from Sargodha ( now in Pakistan ). When questioned as to why are there so many similar name Dhaba , Mrs. Puran Singh replied that her husband did not get the Trade Mark Registered

For Puran Singh Da Mashoor Dhaba coming from Rajpura / Chandigarh side do not take the Railway Station / Bus Stand Over bridge ( Main GT Road ) take the service lane to  the Bus Stand ( on your left ) . Just short of the Bus Stand take a Left Turn . On your left side  Facing the Water Pumping Station is Puran Singh Da Mashoor Dhaba ( Earlier the Dhaba ws on your right side in the Lane . Now it has shifted  on opposite side ).

Keema Kaleji and Chicken Curry are two main dishes . These are taken with Tandoori Roti.

Puran Singh Da Mash Hoor Dhaba closes before 4 PM .

Residence of  Owners (at the end of  Street where Dhaba is Situated )

source : Day And Night News Channel

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