January 02, 2012

Spare Punjabis of Another Petrol Price Torture

Punjabis are most upset at the discriminatory policies of the Punjab Government . Petrol prices  ( which unlike Diesel is primarily used by the Common man in scooters , motor cycles , Nano cars ,Maruti 800 cars . ) is being used to break the financial back of Urban Punjabis and to cross subsidise preferred Vote Banks.
Even today Petrol without taxes costs around Rs. 31 Per Liter. 
Why not increase , for a change , Diesel Price. Due to Vote Bank politics Diesel is not touched. Instead of increasing Petrol Price the heavy burden of taxes ( both Central and State ) should be reduced. In Punjab Vote Bank politics have made Petrol costlier by Rs. 8 Per Liter than neibhbouring Haryana. Even though Octroi ( Choongi ) has been abolished in Punjab , it continues to be levied on Petrol ( both Octroi and VAT ) and Electricity for Urban areas.

Urban Punjabis would vote for those candidates who protect them from this exploitation which has been termed as Modern Day Jazia .

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