February 27, 2012

India And Pakistan Should Jointly Face The West

Jalandhar Thinkers believe that any confrontation between Iran and Israel would push crude Oil to $ 200 a barrel which would be ruinous for the Indian economy .

India is friend of both Israel and Iran . India should invite both Israel and Iran to the negotiating table and let them work out their legitimate concerns. India respects Israel as a trusted friend ( Israel provided India with specialised weapons during the Kargil War ) .But Iran is also important to us. Just because Iran does not toe the American line it does not become a terrorist state. West should not treat these nations with disdain . Look how Saddam Hussein was treated. How Col. Gaddafi 's end came . When the West was celebrating Prince Charles' son wedding Col Gaddafi 's sons were being hunted down 
.India should mutually settle all bilateral disputes ( including Kashmir ) with Pakistan and then India , Pakistan and Bangladesh should unitedly face the West . South Asia is home to the biggest Muslim population in the World. Because this got divided in 1947 and then again in 1971 , they are not able present a united front to the West.

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