February 21, 2012

Why No Govt. Help For Kingfisher Airlines Ask Jalandhar Investors

When Government can import Urea $ 400 and give it Farmers ( including Super Rich Farmers @ 100 a Tonne

. When Government can put the entire burden of cross subsidising Diesel on Petrol consumers ( by calling it under recoveries where as a Liter  of Petrol production costs only Rs. 32 a Liter ) When Farmers in Punjab ( including those owning land worth hundreds of crores ) can be given Free electricity Free Water No income Tax No Capital Gains tax even on Land Acquisition of tens of crores .

Why then no Help for Kingfisher Airlines ?

Please do not call Kingfisher's failure as only Vijay Mallya's failure. It is also India's loss. Kingfisher is an enterprise with which India's prestige is connected ( as Airlines are patronized  by passengers from all over the World ). Besides , even commercial aircraft are Indian assets and in case of military emergency can be pressed in to defence roles ( merchant ships carrying the Indian Flag ). In 1947-48 Kashmir Operation commercial aircraft of Tata Airways ( now Air India ) were used.

Kingfisher's troubles cause us pain and anguish as it represented Vijay Mallya 's passion and not just another commercial venture. Evey time a flight was delayed a personal SMS was to be sent to Vijay Mallya along with the reasons.

We wish Indian Government does more to help Kingfisher Airlines 

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