March 17, 2012

Jalandhar Thinkers Regret Parliamentary Action Against Kejriwal ( Team Anna Member )

Politicians should not invoke any extra ordinary privileges or act in an vindictive manner . MP s are elected by the public and are answerable to them . MP s conduct should be exemplary and should reflect the true spirit of free India in which there neither VIP Indians nor Non VIP Indians but only INDIANS

Jalandhar Thinkers deeply regret the action initiated by a Congress MP against Team Anna member 
Arvind Kejriwal. Congress MP 's move is highly undemocratic.

Instead answer should be given to Kejriwal's comment :-

 "In this Parliament, 163 members have cases of heinous offences against them. In this Parliament, rapists are sitting, murderers and looters are sitting. How can you expect Jan Lokpal Bill to be passed by Parliament? How can you expect that you can get reprieve from poverty and corruption,"

In fact there are adequate laws in the Judicial system to deal with any derogatory remarks. MP s if aggrieved should move the ordinary .courts and not invoke any privileges committees . 

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