March 17, 2012

Jalandhar Thinkers Regret Discriminatory And Anti Common Man Budget

This is an Ad Hoc budget. Government has not initiated any measure to either cut the bloated bureaucracy ( crippling administration cost ) or rationaliae the runaway subsidies ( especially for Urea and ) Diesel . This budget has also continued to burden the Am Admi ( Non Vote Bank Segment )with taxes and levies in one form or the other to subsidise the chosen Vote Bank segment.

No attempt has been made to bring the Super Rich Farmers in the Income Tax net. Many landlords are getting Land Compensation worth tens of crores for their lands acquired  . They do not have to pay any Long Term Capital Gains Tax. They do not have toeven  file any return. On the contrary elaborate Income Tax slabs , mind confusing Income Tax sections regarding procedures and small exemptions are made for the Common Man . To add insult to injury Income Tax authorities are  being given powers to reopen Income Tax cases of Assesses for up to 10 years ( from the current 7 years ) .

The common man ( the Non Vote Bank ) would have to continue to toil in order to pay for the Privileged Classes.

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