March 06, 2012

Punjab Congress Defeat - Higher Turnout of Youth - Anna Hazare Factor- Delhi Remote Control Responsible

Akali Dal - BJP combine has , in 2012 Assembly Elections  , created history. Contrary  to the heretofore trend of Opposition Party winning  nest elections , Congress has been forced to sit in opposition for a consecutive term.Many Pollsters and Exit Polls have been proven wrong.

There was an extremely large turnout ( around  79 % ). Most of these  additional  voters were youth . They were influenced by Akali Dal / BJP campaign that Petrol prices were high because of Centre's policies.

Anna Hazare 's team 's whirlwind tour of Punjab and its campaign against Corruption and Congress ' negative role in Jan Lok Pal Bill had influence on voters especially the Youth.

Congress has the disadvantage that its policies and directions are Delhi centric while Akali Dal is Chandigarh centric Congress choice of many candidates was controversial and resented by Congress ' own cadre. The most arbitrary was first giving Jalandhar Central ticket to Raj Kumar Gupta and then midway dropping Raj Kumar and giving the Congress ticket to Rajinder Beri ( who lost ) . This is indicative of the over bearing ad untactful attitude of the Senior Congress Leaders.

Manpreet Badal may not have made it for himself or his PPP.But he seems to have many votes from the Congress.

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