April 13, 2012

Jalandhar Welcomes Investment From Pakistan

Jalandhar Thinkers have welcome Opening up of Direct Foreign Investment from Pakistan.

No other two countries have more in common than India and Pakistan be it History , Culture , Religion , , Rivers etc. Our economies are complimentary . Example -Tata Nano cars are most suitable for Pakistan roads. Then why should Pakistan import , at much higher cost , from other countries.

Let there be joint listing of Shares of both countries .

We all know that Osama `s body was carried to an American Aircraft Carrier in the Arabian Sea . But what was a American Carrier doing in the Arabian Sea ? It is in both Pakistan and India `s interests that the Arabian Sea does not become another Persian Gulf. China is exploiting India - Pakistan enmity by moving into Pakistan administered Kashmir , Gawadar Naval base etc.

Only India`s foes stand to gain by continued animosity between India and Pakistan.



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