April 25, 2012

Punjab Pre Poll Promise of Abolishing Octroi on Urban Petrol Not Kept

Jalandhar Thinkers are discussing that the abolition pf  Choongi on Urban Petrol was one of the Poll Promises of the Ruling Akali Dal - BJP .Up till now Octroi ( Choongi ) on Urban Petrol has not been abolished. Govt. should reduce very heavy taxes imposed on Petrol. In Punjab the State Govt. imposes the highest VAT. Octroi ( Choongi
Petrol in Haryana in nearly Rs.8 Per Liter cheaper than in Punjab although Petrol in both Haryana and Punjab is sourced from same set of refineries.
Common Man uses Petrol ( in scooters , motor cycles small cars like Maruti 800 , Nano ) . Rich ( Vote Banks ) use Diesel . Presently , petrol consumers are being made to cross subsidise Diesel consumers. Petrol has been Decontrolled whereas up till today Diesel has been kept under Control ( administrative control). Petrol which only costs Rs. 35 Per Liter is sold in Punjab @ Rs. 75 Per Liter to cross subside Diesel which in Punjab is being sold around Rs. 38 Per Liter . World wide prices of Diesel and Petrol are nearly same.

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