May 08, 2012

Farmers Electricity Bills Waived - Urban Punjabis Also Want Relief

Punjab Government has waived electricity pending Bills of Farmers running in to hundreds of crores.

Urban Punjabis want similar relief. They should not be made to cross subsidise those getting Free Electricity .

The highly discriminatory and Anti Urban Electricity Tariffs (  BIJLI JAZIA  ) is going to be one of the main issues in these elections.

Abolition Octroi on Urban Electricity

While Octroi ( Choongi ) has been abolished in Punjab it continues to be levied  on Urban Punjabis .

 Heavy Electricity Tax ( Bijli Kar ) on Urban Electricity Consumers

Urban Electricity consumers are being subjected to very high rate  of Bijli Kar

Abolition of Commercial Category of Electricity Consumers

In a highly discriminatory policy Urban business men are charged at  Penal Rates euphemistically called Commercial Catregory.

In Punjab there are Two Categories of Consumers of Electricity  . Paid Consumers of Electricity and Free Consumers ( based on Vote Banks . ) Paid consumers are fleeced  to cross subsidise the Free Consumers of Electricity

In Punjab Physically Handicapped are not given any concession in electricity because Physically Handicapped Punjabis are not considered to be Vote Bank.

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