May 21, 2012

NRI Fraudulent Marriages - Passports of Culprits to be Impounded


Considering the widespread indulgence of Holiday Marriages , Multiple Marriages and other Fraudulent and Sham Marriages indulged by Non Resident Indians ( NRI )  especially in Doaba ( Jalandhar ) area of Punjab , Passport Officer Jalandhar has announced that the Passports of such NRI Culprits would be impounded .

NRI s have been duping innocent young Punjabi girls in human trafficking under the guise of sham marriages CNN Freedom Project  has , also , been approached to highlight this Modern Day Slavery.


Deputy CM Punjab Sukhbir Singh Badal , taking serous note of the Fraudulent NRI ( Non Resident Indians ) Marriages ( Multiple Marriages , Holiday / Pleasure Marriages , Sexual Slavery including Forced into Prostitution Abroad ,Desertion of so called Wives and Their Children ) has started a Helpline

The Telephone Number of this Helpline is :-

0181 - 2221645

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