May 28, 2012

Petrol- Bijli Jazia in Punjab - Middle Class in Revolt

 Jalandhar Thnkers have termed as Political Opportunism BJP's Call for Bandh  on 31-05-12
against Petrol Hike by the Centre


BJP Double Faced - Supports Petrol- Electricity Jazia in Punjab and Protests Else Where.Middle Class Urban ( Non Vote Bank ) are worst exploited in a Vote Bank ( Rich Rural Landlord ) Driven Govt.

BJP `s protest nationwide , on Petrol hike are hypocritical when in Punjab where BJP is a Ruling Partner , Petrol price is the HIGHEST in  the Country and Diesel Price is the LOWEST in the country..

Whereas in Electricity is given Free to some ,  (on Vote Bank basis ) including Super Rich Landlords  Urban Punjabi Business men are charged at PENAL rates( euphemistically called Commercial Rates. ) For Urban  businesses  even a very humble Paan Wala is charged @ Rs. 7 + Per Unit ( In neighbouring Himachal Pradesh Electricity rate is Rs. 3 Per Unit.

BJP`s selective protests are Protests of Convenience and political Opportunism


 Whether it is Congress or BJP the Aam Aadmi ( Midlde Class Indians )would continued to be taken for granted and exploited. The grossly differential policies for Petrol and Diesel are because the Govt. considers Petrol to be an Issue of the Middle Classes ( Non Vote Bank ) and Diesel to be an Issue of Vote Bank. Middle Classes should rise , become a Vote Bank and be counted.

 Both Centre and State are two sides of the Same Coin. Their goal is one :- to exploit the Aam Aadmi to the Fullest. In this regard , British Colonial Rule was better. At least we had only ONE set of Exploiters.

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