May 24, 2012

Syeed Nasir ud Din Peerzada - Sajjadah Nashin Imam Nasir Jalandhar

Syeed Nasir ud Din Peerzada is Sajjadah Nashin of the Renowned and Historic Jama Masjid Dargah , Imam Nasir Jalandhar

Syeed Sahib's grandfather Mullana Gulam ud Din of Bargam( Kashmir ) was invited by the Government to take charge of this  historic shrine of Jalandhar after 1947 when nearly all the Muslim inhabitants of Jalandhar migrated to Pakistan.

Under the charge of Mullana Sahib and his descendants not only the  was the  Shrine was renovated  ,  also Wakf Board ( office in Shrine Premises ) was encouraged to undertake  welfare activities for the Muslims.


Urs on 05 and 06 June -2012 Historic Imam Nasir Jalandhar

Annual Urs at the Historic Imam Nasir Jalandhar would be held on 05 and 06 June 2012

Syeed Nasir ud  Din Peerzada is the Sajjadah Nashin of this renowned Jama Masjid Dargah of Jalandhar

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