June 30, 2012

NRI Makes Multiple Three Sham Marriages - Police Registers Case

A Philippines based NRI ( from Gillan Village Jalandhar District  ) has allegedly entered in to three sham and fraudulent marriages with Indian girls. His third victim " bride " has complained of torture and Dowry harassment.

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Punjab Govt. to Rescue Brides Trapped in Fraudulent NRI Marriages

Lured by false promises and pressurised by prospects of easy immigration for other family members, many young girls of Punjab are suffering from fraudulent NRI ( Non Resident Indians ) marriages. It is very heartening to know that Punjab Government has taken concrete administrative steps to help the victim girls .


The victims have been divided , broadly , under two categories :-

1 ) Where the NRI groom has returned and disappeared in foreign land thereby deserting his wife( and children ) in India

2) Where the bride has been taken to a foreign country but is kept there against her wishes in semi slavery like conditions. In such cases the immigration papers like Passport have been impounded by the husband .

Punjab Government has estimated the number of such complaints to be 10000 ( But unofficial numbers are many times over ). Punjab Govt.'s Social Security & Women - Child Development Department ( Chandigarh ) and Union ( Central ) Govt.'s Ministry For NRI Affairs ( New Delhi ) have joined hands.

Punjab Government's Social Security & Women - Child Development Department's Deputy Director Rajnish Kumar Jasra informed that they are in the process of collecting relevant information through CDPO s at Block levels and Programme Officers at District levels.

Punjab Govt. would , also, seek the help of NGOs and Ministry of External Affairs. Initially conciliation would be attempted. Indian brides trapped abroad would be extended full legal and financial help. Alternate immigration -passport documents would be provided.

These steps taken by Punjab Govt. are very timely and essential. Fraudulent NRI marriages has emerged as one of the major social crisis affecting Punjab today. Many NRIs hunt for young Punjabi girls and show their relatives, mainly brothers and uncles , prospects of immigration for them. These relatives force the unlucky girl into NRI matrimony. Some times the groom is up to thrice the girl's age ; some times the groom is already married, at times more than once etc. Some of these grooms are on the look out for cheap household maids ( unavailable abroad ) or these NRIs are , simply , going in for another " holiday marriage " during their stay in India. Apart from the girl they get the use of free "dowry " . Once , their stay In India is over,they disappear abroad after giving their India wife false promises of calling her abroad once the immigration " papers "are cleared.

Helpline For NRI Deserted Girls

Deputy CM Punjab Sukhbir Singh Badal , taking serous note of the Fraudulent NRI ( Non Resident Indians ) Marriages ( Multiple Marriages , Holiday / Pleasure Marriages , Desertion of so called Wives and Their Children ) has started a Helpline

The Telephone Number of this Helpline is :-

0181 - 2221645


For Assistance Contact :-

Overseas Workers ' Resource Centre ,
Number Accessible From Mobile And Landline any where in the world


Toll Free Number

( from BSNL - MTNL Landline ) : 1800-11-3090

Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs ( MOIA )
Government of India

email : info@moia.nic.in



This Online Service is provided by the National Commission for Women (NCW) to register online complaints/ grievances against Non-Resident Indians (NRI) regarding domestic violence, harassment, dowry, torture, desertion, bigamy, rape, deprivation, gender discrimination, sexual harassment at work place, etc. The complainants/ users can register/ lodge their complaints by filling an Online Form wherein they are required to provide details of the Complainant; Details of the Victim including Victims current address; Respondents details including current address and address in India; & the Complaint details including the date of incident; complaint type and the brief/ gist of the complaint, to facilitate further action by the Commission.


Government of India is taking strict action against fraudulent Marriages by Non Resident Indians who indulge in multiple / holiday marriages with  Indian girls.

Register such cases with :-


Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs
National Comission for Women

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