July 12, 2012

Current Punjab Position - Comments Received

You have portrayed absolutely right picture about the current state of affairs in Punjab. Looking back to yester - years, when Punjab was considered to be one of the most prosperous and progressive state has been largely beaten down be that by Haryana & Gujarat to my reckoning. And believe me, time is not very far when states like Himachal Pradesh and Uttarkhan which have plenty of natural resources especially water to harness for hydel power too shall out-pace Punjab.

Principally, it is the farmers and top rung in politics who enjoy lion`s share though give different reasoning.


Original Message

Status of  Democracy in Present Day Punjab

 In Punjab free electricity is given to Farmers owning Land worth Thousands of crores where even a Humble Paan Wala is charged electricity at Penal rates ( euphemistically called Commercial category ) . In Punjab Petrol is Rs. 8 Per Litre more expensive than in Haryana . Diesel is Cheapest . Political Bosses of Punjab are the Biggest Landlords and consumers of Diesel No concession to Physically Handicapped Punjabis in Electricity or Petrol because Physically Handicapped Punjabis are not considered to be a Vote Bank.

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