July 19, 2012

Grossly Misleading Ad Campaign- Raj Nahin Sewa- on Punjab Electricity Tariff

Punjab State Power Corporation Limited  ( PSPCL )under the Headline "  Raj Nahin Sewa " and photos of Ruling Political Leaders of Punjab  has given  grossly misleading Ads regarding the recent massive increase in Electricity rates in Punjab .

The Ad Campaign states that electricity Rate Hike in Punjab is Less than the increase in Himachal Pradesh. and some other states.

In Himachal Pradesh Electricity rate is around Rs. 3 Per Unit where as in Punjab it ( for Paid Category ) it is around Rs. 7 Per Unit. ( Rs. 4 Per Unit is Cross Subsidy Penalty imposed on Paid Category to give Free Electricity ro Vote Bank consumers including Rich Landlords ).

Such misleading Ad campaign is adding insult to the Injury of Paid Consumers of Electricity in Punjab.

Demand is gaining gound fora separate Electricity Board for Paid Consumers of Electricity in Punjab.

Punjab State Power Corporation Limited ( PSPCL ) should be used only for Free Category of Electricity Consumers.

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