July 16, 2012

Paid Consumers of Electricity in Punjab Oppose Any Further Increase -Want Cross Subsidt to End

Apart from back breaking taxes , Direct and Indirect , there is massive Cross Subsidy burden .

 A Cross Subsidy burden of Rs. 4 Per Unit is imposed on Paid Category of Electricity Consumers to Cross Subsidise Free Category of Electricity Consumers in Punjab including Super Rich Farmers.In Punjab a humble Paan Wala is charged at Penal rates of Electricity ( euphemistically called Commercial Category ) so that the Paan Wala Cross Subsidises a Farmer owning Land worth thousands of crores is given

Similarly , in Punjab Petrol is Rs. 8 Per Litre more costly than in neighbouring Haryana . This is to Cross Subsidise Diesel which is chea0pest in entire India.


July 16, 2012

Punjab Paid Consumers Object to Electricity Price Rise

Paid Consumers of Electricity in Punjab want

( 1 )Roll Back of the Hike in Electricity Tariff

( 2 )Abolition of Choongi on Urban Paid Consumers

( 3 ) Abolition of Commercial Category ( Penal Rates ) for Business Class


 , Petrol,Electricity, Water Cross Subsidies Devastate Non Vote Banks.

Jalandhar  Thinkers feel that the crushing burden of taxes and cross subsidies on the common man( non-vote bank) has made the level of their exploitation worse than that under the British Colonial Rule.

Costs only Rs.35/- per litre. Sold in Punjab for Rs.79/- .This is to cross subsidise Diesel , Kerosene etc.


Costs Rs.3/- per unit in neighbouring Himachal Pradesh. In Punjab Paid category charged Rs.7/- per unit.
The difference of Rs.4/- per unit is to cross subsidise

Rural landlords(including those holding land worth hundreds of crores .

Urban vote banks(physically handicapped are given no concession in electricity because Punjab Government do not consider them to be a vote bank.Physically handicapped Indians should be given Deemed SC/ST  status.


Given free to smaller sized plot holders . To cross subsidise this free facility, the Municpal Corporation Jalandhar has put the entire cost on Paid Category. Some of these Paid Category have  received after the Municipal Elections water bills upwards of Rs.50,000/- .


India has strange logic. Those who avoid toll tax are called VIPs .Those who pay are called " Aam Aadmi".
The real VIPs are those who pay and not vice versa .


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