July 23, 2012

Petrol Prices Hiked Again - Over Taxation of Common Man

Petrol Prices have been hiked by around  75 Paise.

Instead of providing relief to the common man a further burden has been put on him.

Already nearly Rs. 45 in a Litre of Petrol is taxes sand cross subsidy burden

In Punjab , Petrol costs Rs, 8 Per Litre more than in Haryana. Diesel in Punjab is the cheapest in the entire country.

In Jalandhar immediately after Municipal elections massive Bills have been sent to Paid Consumers of Water. After Dasuya bye elections  , massive electricity rate hike ( with Power Cuts ) for Paid Category ( Non Vote Banks ). Increase in Service Tax ( by Centre ). Massive burden on Sugar and Mobile sets by Punjab Govt. Common Man is much better off without the Netas and Elections .

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