July 31, 2012

Property , Professional -More Taxes For Urban Punjabis

Urban Punjabis in Jalandhar and else where feel that instead of offering relief to the Over taxed Urban Punjabi , State Govt. is in the process of imposing

Professional Tax

Property Tax

Jalandhar Thinkers want that instead of indiscriminately increasing Taxes and Cross Subsidy burden on Non Vote Banks , Govt. should reduce its expenditure and the cost of Governance


Urban Punjabis Unhappy Over BJP 's Silence

Urban Punjabis in Jalandhar and else where in Punjab are feeling the heat of Vote Bank policies of the State Govt.

Electricity Rs. 4 Per Unit More Expensive in Punjab than Himachal Pradesh ( No concession is given to Physically Handicapped as they are not considered to be a Vote Bank ) Rs. 4 Per Unit is the Cross Subsidy on Paid Category for subsidising Free Category

Petrol Rs. 8 Per Litre More Expensive in Punjab than in Haryana ( Diesel .used by the Rich is cheapest in the country )

Massive Water Tax Bills in Jalandhar Post Municipal Elections

Entry Tax on Public Gardens Like the Historic ( East India ) Company Bagh of Jalandhar

Choongi ( Octroi ) on Urban Paid Electricity Consumers in Punjab

Penal - Commercial Category of Electricity  for Urban Punjabi Businessmen

VAT on Sugar / Mobiles ( Inspector Raj Harassment and Corruption Prone Administrative exercise  )

Mushrooming Highway Toll Plazas

Either BJP ( Bhartiya Janta Party ) should take up the causes of Urban Punjabis or Quit the Coalition


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