July 18, 2012

Punjab Protests Electricity Hike - Demand Separate Board For Paid Consumers

The recent massive hike in Electricity is leading to massive protests in Punjab including Jalandhar.

Paid consumers of Electricity in Punjab are demanding

1 ) Rollback of Recent Hike ( which affects only Paid Category ) - which has been ordered with Retrospective Effect

2 ) Abolition of Commercial Category for Business men ( when Electrcity is being given Free to Rich Farmers )

3 ) Abolition of Choongi on Urban cPaid Consumers

4 ) Abolition of Electricity Tax ( Bijli Kar on Paid category )

Paid Consumers of Electricity want a Separate Electricity Board  for Paid and Free Categories of Consumers.so that Paid Category is not made to cross Subsidise Free ( Vote Bank ) consumers .

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