August 30, 2012

Punjab Petrol Car Owners Very Heavily Exploited

Vehicle users travelling between Jalandhar and Ludhiana, especially users of Jalandhar are extremely upset over the massive rise in the Toll Tax rates being levied at Sutlej Bridge on the G.T. Road, at Phillaur ( Jalandhar ). Ostensibly this is to raise finances for lane expansion. But a vehicle user already pays the following dues ( all under the garb of road construction / maintenance ):-

(1 ) VAT ( central exice, State Sales Tax etc ) on vehicles

( 2 ) Octroi ( is some states )

( 3 ) Road Tax at the time of Registration ( 10- 15 years , in advance )

( 4 ) Road tax cess on petrol / diesel

Still, Govt. levies massive Toll Tax on ordinary Non-VIP Indians.

People ask the following questions:-

It is adding insult to injury for the common  man in Punjab . Already Punjabis are paying nearly Rs. 8 Per Litre extra for Petrol than the rate in neighbouring Haryana. When Punjabis were demanding relief from high Petrol prices , what they have instead got is a massive increase in Toll Tax rate ( to Rs. 102 for cars - one side ), at Toll Plaza at ( Sutlej Bridge ) Phillaur ( Jalandhar - Ludhiana ) GT Road.

Few years ago the Toll Plaza was Rs. 5

This is the fifth times rates have been increased by Toll Plaza  ;

Why are so called "VIPs" exempted ?

Blaring hooters and red beacons, these "VIPs" treat other vehicle owners with contempt at the Toll barriers and attempt a priority and quick passage at the expense of ordinary peace loving citizens. This would not be so if every vehicle is treated at par and pays toll tax.

No ambulances or pick up vans are provided on the Toll roads for the vehicle users .

Whereas handicapped and senior citizens have to pay toll taxes, VIP pay nothing.

This discriminatory and exploitative mindset of the authorities is as bad as Taliban imposing Jazia on Sikhs in Pakistan.

People demand that this discrimination between VIPs and Non-VIPs end and "Handicapped / Senior Citizens " be exempted from paying Toll Tax.

Toll Tax rate hike be rolled back

Proper facilities be provided.

Accounts of income / expenditure be published

Private Contractor ship be ended.

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