September 26, 2012

Further Hike in Electricity Rate in Punjab - Charge Creamy Layer of Free Consumers

Paid consumers of Electricity had been demanding relief from heavily over charging rates . Instead of providing any relief Punjab Govt is planning to raise further rates.

The excuse being cited is directions from the Centre,

Instead of go on increasing Electricity rates on the Paid Category , Govt should charge the Creamy Layer of Free Category of Electricity consumers.

While even a humble Paan Wala in charged at killer rates ( Penal Rate -Euphemistically Categorised as Commercial Rate ) Super Rich Farmers ( owning Land worth thousands of crores ) ae given Free Electricity.

Creamy Layer among the Caste ctegory should also not been exempted.

There is no logic in putting all the burden on Paid Category ) Plus Electricity Tax + Choongi on Urban Consumers ) and the grants received from the Centre be used for the benefit of Free Category ( Vote Banks ).

In this scenario the Electricity Distribution Board in Punjab should be split in to Two separate entities

1 ) For Free Category of Electricity consumers ( Vote Bank )

2 ) For Paid Category ( Non Vote Bank ) / Urban Consumers

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