November 22, 2012

Dr. Verghese Kurien ( Amul Fame ) For Bharat Ratna - Sucheta Dalal's Message

Jalandhar Thinkers Support Sucheta Dalal's Initiative

More than 10,500 people have joined you and me in seeking a Bharat Ratna for Dr. Verghese Kurien. We have cut across all geographical, religious and ethnic boundaries.
I will be collecting all our signatures and presenting it to the President of India and to the Padma Committee members.  
This is the last opportunity we have to showcase more support. More people signing this campaign will show the President of India and the Padma Committee that there is huge support for this campaign.

Forward this mail to your friends and ask them to sign the petition

It is Dr.Kurien’s birthday in 5 days. Based on a suggestion, we want to recognise Dr. Kurien’s birthday as ‘Sahkarya Kranti Diwas’ and start a movement for positive change and inclusive growth in honour of what he stood for.

For Sahakarya Kranti Diwas, 26 November 2012, will you write to the Padma committee members to push for this most deserved recognition to the architect of the White Revolution?

Here are the names and email IDs-

Padma Committee Members:
1. Mr Jamshyd N Godrej -
2. Mrs Amal Allana - Chairperson, National School of Drama-,,
3. Ms Leela Samson - Chairperson, Sangeet Natak Adademy -
4. Dr R Chidambaram - Principal Scientific Advisor to Govt of India -
5. Mr Girish Karnad –
6. Mr Pulok Chatterjee, Principal Secretary to PM -
7. Mrs Omita Paul, Secretary to the President -,
8. Mr Ajit Kumar Seth, Cabinet Secretary -
9. Mr RK Singh, Home Secretary -

This is purely a public effort with absolutely no corporate support or involvement and I am so glad you joined me in this effort.

Thank you for taking action.
Sucheta Dalal via

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